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Our online storage cloud service is very configurable. Based on your requirements we can configure the product for your needs. Many times there are good reasons to disable features when simplicity is desired. For example Personal accounts do not need permissions and other features that would be required by multi-user business accounts. Businesses have more stringent requirements on access, admin privileges and tracking.

Depending on the features enabled some of the feature below may or may not be visible. To Learn more about eRecordsUsa’s Document scanning solutions, Book digitizing solutions , Photo scanning & Online File Storage Solutions, call us at 1-855-722-6669. We would be pleased to speak with you and answer your questions.


Synchronize capability allows users to synchronize multiple devices with the cloud. User does not need to carry they computers and files on storage devices. Instead they can access their files on the road by logging into their eRecordsUSA account.

Advanced Synchronize

Advanced synchronize capability allows user to configure specific folders to be synchronized up to the cloud or down to the device.


Users can share files with their customer and partners outside the system. The documents can be shared to users who do not have an eRecordsUSA account. Users can share folders or files for specified duration. End user can click on the emailed link and view files.


As many users work on various documents at some point they may want to go back a review an older version. If versioning is enabled for an account, then user can view previous versions. The system automatically creates documents versions as documents are updated via syncing or uploads.

Security -


eRecordsUSA’s cloud-based file sharing system has many security features required by businesses. SSL encrypted connections are used for communicating between client and our. Files in transit are sent over SSL encrypted connections and are stored with AES256 encryption at rest. When we had to choose between performance and security, we opted for security.


Business accounts need to have control over which folders/files are visible to which users. For example Payroll information should be visible to only the payroll employees. Our service supports a detailed permission model. The service also supports multiple types of users – Standard User (With access to features enabled for the account); Basic User (Only download/upload permissions); Client User (Only download permissions).

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