Book Scanning Pricing

Book Scanning Pricing

Book Scanning Pricing, San Francisco Bay Area, California

We can scan your books into any File Format At CHEAPER PRICING

  • Digitize your Bound Books and Journals
  • Republish your Out of Print Books
  • Offering both Destructive and Non Destructive Scanning
  • Print Ready High Resolution Scanning
  • Searchable PDF, with accurate OCR

Book Scanning Pricing

Outsource all your Book Scanning to eRecordsUsa

Book Scanning Services, deploys state-of-art hardware for all Book scanning and imaging solutions. We have in house capability to quickly convert large volumes of books into electronic format, we can scan almost anything type and size of books (prices may vary)

Book Scanning Price Details:

Non-Destructive Book Scanning Pricing
Bindings will not be removed. Books will be returned in original condition.
Max page size 8.5?W x 12?H.
$24.95 per book plus and additional $0.15/page

Destructive Book Scanning Prices
Bindings will be removed. Books will not be returned.

Max page size 8.5?W x 12?H.
$14.95 per book plus additional $.06/page

The above pricing is for estimation purposes only, and include for Bi tonal ( B&W) Scanning. For Scanning in Color or for extraction of content for reproduction, or e-Book Creation or any other requests and pricing on Book Scanning Service / Book Digitization Service / Book Archiving Service / Book Archival Service / Bound Book Scanning Service for a free estimate please call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at

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Bound Book Scanning Services, Notebook Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Book Scanning
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