Book Scanning Cost


Pricing will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The number of books to be scanned
  • The size of the books
  • Whether the scanning will be done in color (more expensive) or black and white (less expensive)
  • Whether illustrations will be included
  • The resolution desired
  • The method used (destructive or non-destructive)
  • Whether the books are to be returned (more expensive) or shredded (less expensive)


You can obtain information on scanning documents or standard books by visiting our “Shopping Cart” link. Note that the non-destructive method is considerably more expensive than the destructive method of scanning books. When we cut the spine, we get loose sheets of papers, which are scanned using high speed ADF Scanners.

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Bound Book Scanning Services, Notebook Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Book Scanning
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