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Data Entry Ocr Scanning Data Capture Services

Data Entry, Ocr Scanning & Data Capture Services In San Francisco, Bay Area, CA

eRecordsUsa Low cost data entry and digitization company offers highly accurate OCR scanning and clean up , digitizing of hand written forms, questionnaires, competition entries, surveys, PDF / XML / SGML / HTML conversion, data capture, digitizing documents, books, microfilms, microfiche, form processing, archives digitization and digital archiving. Data Entry OCR Scanning Services provided by professionals.

Data Entry OCR Scanning and Low-cost data conversion company for digitizing newspapers, books, journals, documents and handwritten forms from print, electronic images and microfilm, microfiche formats. Services include OCR scanning / clean up; XML, SGML & HTML encoding; searchable PDF conversion; data archiving, image processing, form processing; data mining, database creation in MS excel/Access and remote data entry. Local SF Bay Area Data Entry OCR Scanning experts.

Data Entry, OCR Scanning & Data Capture Services

Document Imaging & Scanning refers to converting paper documents into digital images. Hard copy paper documents are fed through scanning devices that incorporate specialized software and hardware to create digital files that looks exactly like the document. Scanning requires precise control over a wide variety of scanners and scanner settings, including resolution, contrast, simplex or duplex operation, advanced threshold options, and image clean-up de-skewing, de-speckling, de-shading, streak removal, line removal, character reconstruction and edge enhancement.


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Document Scanning Services
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