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Manage Your School’s Paperwork with Education Records Scanning


Colleges and universities, and even high schools and other education facilities face enormous challenges with paperwork. Our education records scanning services helps you manage it effectively.


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Digital Record

From universities and colleges to high schools and private schools across the country, there is an immense need to better manage paperwork. Hardcopy records take up a significant amount of office space, are difficult to organize, and take a very long time to search for important information. Education records scanning provides the means to manage paperwork by digitizing it.


Why Digitize Education Records?

Why consider education records scanning? There are numerous benefits to be gained here. At eRecordsUSA, we’ve worked with a wide range of schools and other education organizations to reduce paper waste, streamline organization, improve access to critical information, deliver better student outcomes, and more.


More Searchable

Our education records scanning service does more than simply creating a digital image of a document. Every word on the document is analyzed and stored, allowing staff to search the entire digital library with a few keystrokes and access accurate information immediately.


Types of Education Records We Can Scan

At eRecordsUSA, we can scan virtually any type of documents you might have, including student records, transcripts, grade reports, historical books and newspapers, admission files, registrar files, films and slides, financial aid applications, payroll files, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our education records scanning service and the benefits you can enjoy.


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