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HR document scanning is the complete process of identifying and collecting the different types of documents created by the human resource department. Since companies are making a lot of HR changes, it is necessary for them to keep track of all that goes on with their employees.

The first step in this process is to identify the type of documents that are being created by such departments as well as how many are created per day. Having this information helps you ensure that every document gets saved correctly because it will save you both time and money. This can be performed easily using HR document scanning services.

What is HR document scanning?

human resource document scanning services

Small and big enterprises contain files of resumes, business profiles,  reports etc. Scanning these HR files and storing them in searchable digital formats is known as HR document scanning. By scanning & storing such files, it becomes easier to share these files with multiple users. High-quality document scanners and OCR scanners are used to scan & digitize documents.

HR document scanning is a quick and easy way to streamline your company's processes. Document scanning helps employers save time and money by putting documents in an organized format for easy retrieval, saving them from destruction, or the loss of important information. This can lead to internal improvements and productivity increases, as well as increased employee safety by ensuring that important documents are readily available at all times.

HR Documents That Can We Scan

scanning hr records services

HR document scanning is the new trend for businesses and individuals who wish to store critical data. By scanning HR documents you can improving company's productivity, security and more.

The HR records that are converted into digital copies are;
> State ID and Social Security cards
> Federal and state tax records
> Employee benefit reports
> Resumes, cover letters, and references
> Training documents
> Project undertaken records
> Payment records
> Personnel files of employees
> Time-clock and shift details
> Performance reviews

Why is HR & Personnel Document Scanning required?

Before you finalize the best documents scanning Solutions for HR Departments, it is vital to understand the process in detail. The main reason for scanning HR documents is to ensure the privacy of data and records. HR documents contain personal and financial information.

Therefore , scanning and digitizing is preferred . The scanned images are shared to organize an efficient file structure for digital storage and access.
However, if you like to process the data for further editions , The OCR scanners can extract the text data and information and turn it to a format that can be accessible by any other document management application. 

HR Records Scanning Improves the Hiring Process 

Hiring people is a complex process. Selecting resumes, shortlisting them as per their skills, preparing the list of suitable candidates, collaborating with managers to schedule interviews, and then the selection lists is a lengthy process. With document scanning, the time taken for all these activities is cut in half.

When you digitize this process, you can create a seamless workflow system that is easy to handle, update and modify. The scanned HR records can be shared with multiple members. Security and privacy are taken care of by providing a login system.

The sorted data is categorized using a filter that can make it accessible as per the need. This will cut down, the scrolling of entire data, and external wait time factors, and will provide the ability to speed up the HR documentation processes

Hiring human resource document scanning service that is specifically providing a cost-saving, accurate and comprehensive HR record management system

Benefits of Scanning HR Documents

There are countless benefits to scan HR documents including:
> Electronic copies of HR records can be forwarded via email easily
> Electronically filed agreements will dramatically improve compliance-related matters  
> Document processes, extracting data for data mining can resolve many issues 
> Outsourcing record scanning for the HR department improves productivity 

Hire us for Human Resources Document Scanning & Conversion

At eRecordsUSA, we have a specific process for handling HR document scanning projects. Our start-to-finish service allows your organization to build a customized database as per the needs of the HR department. 

Our scanning process will help you achieve a customized and organized, digital record management system that is;
> Easy to operate
> Improves productivity of HR department
> Helps in managing large volume data
> Helps you extract data for data mining and AI application
> Helps you secure confidential data like employees' financial data and so on

eRecordsUSA is an ISO/ISMS Certified Women-owned Minority business, based in the San Francisco bay  area, California providing a reliable document management solution you can trust. We customize human resources document scanning projects to our client's needs.

You can take a free consultation and discover the difference by yourself. Our document scanning service is assurance of quality scan and digitization of HR files.


Document Scanning is a process through which an organization takes a digital file of interest and converts it into an electronic document. A document scan can be considered as an important component for any company that plans on expanding its business operations by making use of the rich information that can be extracted from its documents.

This is when companies should consider hiring expert Document scanning services. They do the document scanning and digitization work since they are capable of handling documents that have large sizes and complex formats.



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