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Industry-Specific Document Management Solutions San Francisco

No matter which industry you work in, we understand that you would rather spend your time and effort taking care of your customers and not resolving productivity issues that could be streamlined and prevented in the first place.

We offer solutions for all industries, including:

PUBLISHING INDUSTRYThe publishing industry is a big user of document scanning services. With the increase in available digital media, books are turned into electronic format today more than ever. The publishing industry relies on the written word. eRecordUSA can handle even the largest books and scan them to turn them into digital copies. That way, students or anyone can access the books from a tablet or any other digital device from anywhere and with ease ... More

FINANCE INDUSTRYConnect with your members and customers with our document management solutions; the best way to automate your institution’s processes and share information across all departments. The finance industry deals with a huge amount of paperwork. In order to decrease the time it takes to process payments, as well as, better the customer service experience, companies in the finance industry need to be able to streamline their processes... More

HEALTH INDUSTRYHealthcare facilities are there to help patients improve their health and treat them for their ailments. The last thing a healthcare provider wants is to deal with mountains of paperwork. Having quick access to the patient’s information is vital in order for patients to be treated properly. We are proud to offer healthcare facilities state-of-the-art scanning services to help them get patients’ information on the fly while decreasing storage and manual labor costs ... More

ENGINEERING INDUSTRYEngineering projects, whether in construction or manufacturing, can be very complex. These projects are very high pressure, and they have to keep up with quality standards, regulations, and pressure while keeping cost as low as possible. Engineering companies can rely on our document scanning services to reinforce quality, tracking materials, ensure product safety, run engineering processes smoothly, decrease costs ... More

ARCHITECTURAL INDUSTRYArchitectural projects often entail a huge mount of paperwork. Let us manage your documents with a solution that fits your project and keeps job sites and workers in tune and your projects under budget and ahead of the schedule. Our solutions in scanning help you increase the efficiency of your projects, both in the office and the worksite. If you’re in the architectural industry, you may need a solution to manage your projects better, including workers ... More

LEGAL INDUSTRYVery few industries rely on the written word more than the legal industry. Piling paperwork is a huge problem that oftentimes causes delays and other issues. Digital scanning allows law firms to stay on track and avoid losing important litigation documents. Documents are vital to the practice of law. The whole legal industry relies on paper documentation to run. The accumulation of paperwork at legal practices can become overwhelming and that is why one of the first industries ... More


eRecordsUSA: Document Scanning & Digitization Services

With eRecordsUSA’s Document Scanning Services, you’ll save time and money. You’ll find the information you need faster, when you need it. You’ll be able to devote your attention to other tasks, and work more productively growing your business.

eRecordsUSA has experience in virtually any type of document conversion you can imagine. Our skilled personnel in Dublin, CA can handle any size job. We’d love to have an opportunity to talk with you, and provide you with a free estimate. When you choose our document scanning service, you know that your Dublin, CA business can be assured that your documents are in safe, competent hands.

For pricing information on any of our Industry Specific Document Management Solutions San Francisco, or for further information, please call us at 855-722-6669 or email us at info@eRecordsUSA.com.

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