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Logistics Data Entry Outsourcing Services San Francisco CA


In the process of digitization, speed is mandatory when we talk about logistics and transportation data entry services. An excellent mechanism for the smooth running of supply chain management is a must. Today, logistic companies take no time to share data related to shipment and transportation. The entire eCommerce business has adopted this new pace to pick up and deliver.the fastest service.

However, maintaining the updated data and doing entries on the regular basis requires technical expertise and competency. As the logistic companies have several tasks to perform, most of them like to outsource the data entry project to a professional agency that has expertise in conducting data entry tasks. This will help in cutting down the delivery time by building a faster information passing process.

By outsourcing data entry jobs, the logistic company can focus on its core business. This will boost efficiency and cut down the operational cost.

What Is Logistics Data Entry?

Logistics data entry services refers to the task of extracting and entering crucial information from transportation documents such as a bill of lading, load confirmation statement, load order, etc. and then communicating this information to the receiving party for use in various shipping activities. This includes: shipping classification; insurance and tax filing; customs documentation; taxes/duties; originating document control and destination country bound documents control.


What Is Included in Our Logistic Data Entry Service?

At eRecordsUSA, the logistics data entry services mainly include invoice and billing processes. The main logistic data entry services offered by us are

Freight Bill Auditing : Freight bills are audited monthly or quarterly as per the volume. We focus on minimizing the cost to ship by doing faster data entry of invoices. Our data entry operators are trained to handle logistic data entry

B3 form data entry for customs brokerage businesses : B3 form building services are important for the shipment processes. High accuracy and faster data entry are required in the process. We are a renowned name for meeting tight deadlines by managing high volumes of transactions with us.

Contract/ Rate Management : If you are facing issues in maintaining the logistics and transport data sets to manage your global logistics business then outsourcing to us is the best option. You can sort your freight rates by maintaining updated contacts.

Driver log entry : Maintaining driver log entry is mandatory as per federal regulations.  The driver's work and vehicle’s performance are updated on a regular basis. Our driver’s data entry service includes capturing driver log records and meets the client requirements by customizing the data.

Invoice Processing : eRecordsUSA is covering ocean, road, air, and rail industries with their freight invoice processing. We have several clients who are successfully availing of our invoice processing demand with their customized interfaces.

Take your Logistic Business to the Next level by Outsourcing the data entry project to us!

How Do You Complete the Bulk Logistic Data Entry Tasks With Minimum Turnaround Time?

The time taken by our team to complete the data entry task is minimized by making use of automation tools. Depending on the volume of the task, a dedicated team is assigned to complete the task.

The project is evaluated in terms of understanding the important term related to the project. For example, for logistic data entry projects, the importance of terms like freight bills, B3 forms, etc. are explained to the data entry operators so that they do accurate data entry. When the data is entered accurately the cross-checking time is less which automatically reduces the turnaround time.

How Does eRecordsUSA Ensure the Security of Data, Especially Where Bulk Data Entry Is to Be Done?

eRecordsUSA aims to deliver high- quality data entry services by following a closed-loop structure and implementing techniques like encryption, watermarking, and so on. Our team managers take strict decisions on the safety of your business data as we are the most trusted outsourcing company. We strive to maintain long and healthy business relations through our high-end data security systems.

How is outsourcing the logistic data entry project to eRecordsUSA beneficial for my company?

Partnering with us comes with the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective logistic data entry service
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • The strict quality assurance process
  • Accurate and fast services
  • Trained and experienced data entry professionals
  • Free trial service
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Deals and special offers for bulk logistic data entry projects

Why Choose eRecordsUSA for Logistics Data Entry Outsourcing Services?

eRecordsUSA is an ISO-ISM certified data management service agency catering to the data entry needs of several industries like logistics and transportation. We have a proven track record of delivering high–quality data entry service as per the customer's needs. Some of the highlights of our logistic data entry services are;

Our technical team has researched and introspected the logistic business in-depth. We have the technique, so tie-up with us to have smooth data entry for the variety of tasks of your logistic business.

Some of the advantages to collaborate with us are;

  • Minimal turnaround time by using advanced software
  • High accuracy rate by customizing each entity involved in the task
  • Timely billing and invoicing
  • Cost reductions on regular orders
  • Monthly order fulfillment and logistics reports
  • Direct deposits to vendors
  • Redirecting payments from customers to you
  • 24/7 support providing data security

Outsourcing your logistic data entry project to us will give a competitive edge to your business by providing superior quality data entry. This will directly help you to enhance your satisfied customer list. So, make a wise decision while partnering with a data entry service provider.

Aligning with the right logistics data entry service providers like eRecordsUSA offers ample opportunities like cost reduction, boost productivity, improved customer service, and add value to the logistic data entry.

We are ready to take on big logistic data entry projects handling the complexity involved in them. You can rely on outsourcing logistic data entry projects to us!


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