Medical Records Archival Services

Medical Records Archival Services

Medical Records Archival Service in Fremont, San Francisco Bay Area, California

In the healthcare industry, there are many different laws and standards that can be applied to the maintenance and storage of patient medical records. Every kind of medicine has a different standard, none stemming from the federal government. Instead, state governments, professional organizations, and governing bodies like the FDA have standards that must be adhered to. One good example is that the FDA requires any research pertaining to the treatment of cancer patients to be maintained and stored for at least 30 years.

Medical Records Archival Services in Fremont, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Storing patient records for three decades can quickly lead to an abundance of records. If you run or work in a busy clinic or hospital, that is potentially hundreds of thousands of patient records to maintain. While most medical offices have already made the switch to a digital records system, even that may not be enough. A medical records archival service may be the answer to managing all of these records.

Medical records archival services can deal with the filing, sorting, maintaining, and storing of your patient records for as long as necessary. They should have a secure network, to meet HIPAA privacy standards, and they may also be able to help you develop a searchable database for your archive that makes it easy to find old information and documents among thousands of entries.

A medical records archival service can also make it easy to wade through inactive records versus active records, moving the inactive files to other subfolders so that the information is still there, but hidden. When the time comes, they can also help you dispose of records in a way that fits HIPAA requirements. With these and other services, a medical records archival service could be exactly what you need to manage the overwhelming flood of patient records from the last three decades or more.

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