Medical Records Archiving Service

Medical Records Archiving Service

Medical Records Archiving Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

The medical industry is overflowing with patient records. Every time an individual visits a new doctor, and fills out new paperwork, a brand new file is started for them that could be stored for 10 years or more according to the applicable regulations. Eventually, there will come a time when you can purge records, but even that must be done according to the regulations.

Medical Records Archiving Services in Fremont, San Francisco Bay Area, California

A medical records archiving services can be of a lot of help when you are ready to clean up your system. If you inherited a clinic with decades of inactive records, you could find yourself with weeks’ worth of work to wade through and get rid of the files that you don’t need any more. Add on HIPAA and other organization regulations, and it becomes a hefty job.

Because medical records contain sensitive personal information, they must be disposed of in the proper manner. Medical records archiving services have experience with these regulations, and can ensure that your files are deleted legally and properly while you spend your time with your patients. First, a log must be kept detailing exactly which files were destroyed, so that a paper trail exists to prove the files where deleted correctly.

Then, an intensive computer procedure must be followed to ensure that digital files cannot be recovered through any means. This includes a magnetic degaussing step. Physical files are shredded, or burned, and finally, DVDs or any other type of media are completely destroyed through cutting or demagnetizing.

This lengthy process cuts into your time spent with your patients, and it doesn’t have to. Your files can be managed by a team that already has experience and a system in place. The right medical records archiving service can give you back your time, and keep your office running legally, as well as smoothly.

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