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It’s the process of converting printed text into another format, like Unicode or ASCII. It’s a sensitive process, and in the hands of a non-expert, you can end up with data that is either inaccurate or even unusable.

At eRecordsUSA, we know that just providing OCR conversion & cleanup services isn’t enough. There can be errors – in fact, they’re pretty much inherent in any OCR service. That’s why we use the latest OCR software, and guarantee 99.95% accuracy. We compare your original documents, and check for misread characters. Then we do OCR cleanup – a function that’s absolutely essential if you’re using technical data, tables and footnotes.

What are OCR Cleanup Services?

OCR Cleanup services are helpful in removing all the Junk characters and duplicates found in your documents. OCR Cleanup is an advanced document cleanup service, works with the OCR technology to remove all errant characters, blanks and incorrect punctuation while scanning a document. OCR removes any form of human impact from an original source such as paper-based documents or digital images.

To manage large volumes of data, organizations use OCR technology. As errors are likely to occur during OCR conversion in large volumes, to increase the data accuracy, OCR clean-up is done. Data entry, data capturing, OCR conversion, and data cleanup are different stages through which a digital record management system undergoes. It is best to outsource data processing to accomplish each stage and produce high-quality results.

A prompt document conversion using OCR technology ranging from scanned documents/images to ASCII or Unicode models of the original document is what determines the quality of data. The manual and tool-based cleanup services might help you maintain useful data by eliminating existing flaws and to achieve a dataset ready for use in business applications.

What does the OCR cleanup process engage?

The OCR cleanup process is a stepwise and systematic method to prepare datasets from the Unicode language. It is done to achieve the following

Inaccuracy control – By making use of the course of OCR, data entry faults can be controlled
More rapidly – The OCR cleanup process grasps data from image files at an earlier rate in contrast to other data seizing techniques like keystrokes
Data storage in electronic layouts – The OCR cleanup process can change all handwritten documents into electronic layouts
Great usability – The OCR cleanup procedure can augment the usability of your data, as it can change your books, handwritten items, and other types of journals into electronic layouts.

Benefits of Outsourcing OCR Clean-up Service

During the OCR conversion process, there is a likelihood of errors. Rechecking and cleanup will provide accurate records. OCR clean-up services assist in the following manners: Sometimes, OCR conversion misplaces words that change the meaning of the data. A detailed clean-up will find such errors and rectify the mistakes. OCR clean-up can obtain a precision level of more than 99%

The best utilization of time, resources, and price is the objective of opting for scanning and data management projects in a company. With the scanning and digitization process, the company expects to obtain an error-free data set ready for use in business applications. With this aim, you choose the best Scanning and digitization agency nearby. Normally, companies look for an agency using OCR technology. Some of the benefits of outsourcing data capturing and cleaning processes to a top-rated agency are:

Data Security – When you outsource the data management project to a reputed company, a strict security protocol is followed. The company keeps data confidential during the OCR cleanup process.

Quick Turnaround with Accuracy and Zero error – The inspection and rechecking routine eliminates the errors. An error-free standard level of OCR cleanup service is endorsed by the OCR scanning and cleanup services. The primary objective is to deliver a satisfactory service with minimum turnaround time.

Images to Text files conversion – Data clean-up services start with data capturing in digital formats and creating digital copies shareable online.OCR cleanup service produces highly efficient data with an operational format. Scanned images are converted into text files using OCR data-capturing service. Clean-up is the second stage.

Leveraging Intelligent and high-end technology - When you are outsourcing the data cleanup project, quality work at a nominal price is the expected outcome. The agencies strictly adhere to all principle parameters to sort, edit, and modify various kinds of data files.

Outsourcing OCR cleanup tasks support well-established and organized data management for complex formats such as medical data, data written in multiple languages, and data having special characters to yield consistent results. The outsourcing companies maintain highly equipped workshops including advanced-level machines and tools.

High-Quality Assurance - Outsourcing ensures and guarantees complete OCR cleanup services fulfilling all client specifications. The procedure through which text files or other unprocessed data is seized from image files in ASCII and Unicode formats is kn8+own as OCR. Throughout the OCR procedure, flaws can take place and so OCR clean-up is completed to correct and carry in accuracy.

Outsource OCR Cleanup Services to eRecordsUSA

eRecordsUSA is an ISO/ISMS Certified scanning and digitizing agency, in SFBay Area, Northern California. We provide state-of-the-art, affordable data-capturing, and data-cleaning services. If your company is seeking a dependable and affordable OCR cleanup services collaborator, then you can ask for a free consultation. You can opt to choose a data cleaning partner having experience in superior OCR cleanup services.


Some of the benefits which you will receive from hiring eREcordsUSA  for data cleanup are;

24/7 Support -  We have a central system to manage clients’ databases. When you are managing large volumes of data, you may need assistance anytime. Understanding the requirement, we have a team of executives to answer your queries at the earliest so that you can have high operational databases.

Professional Services - Our professional data-capturing and clean-up service experts have comprehensive knowledge of OCR and ICR technologies. Working on unique data projects each day has equipped our team to have sound knowledge to manage OCR cleanup tasks.

Full Range Data Clean up services - Our multilingual experts translate all your unique product features into benefits. Outsourcing to eRecordsUSA will ensure ready-to-use data entry services are in safe, qualified, and experienced hands.

We have the infrastructure, advanced tools, expertise in technology, and an experienced team to offer exceptional scanning and OCR cleanup services in the SF BAY area. We can turn your massive data projects into accurate and cleansed data within the expected time duration in a cost-saving mode. Having excellence in data management projects, we assure you of the best OCR cleanup services for your business company data projects. Feel free to reach out to us for outsourcing high-quality OCR cleanup services.

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