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Imagine that you’ve had an entire book, magazine, newspaper or any other large document scanned. Now you have an electronic version of your material that you can easily store and share with others, which is great, but what if you need to quickly find a specific chapter, page, sentence or word? OCR document scanning can make this process easier.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a vital process to digitize printed or handwritten text from images, such as photos of street signs and products. The business documents such as invoices, bills, financial reports, articles, can be scanned and stored using this scanning solution in digital formats.

What is OCR Document Scanning?

OCR Document Scanning

OCR document scan allows you to convert printed materials into electronic copies using OCR document scan. OCR software extracts the words from that image, making the text readable and searchable. OCR document scanning not only allows you to search for particular text within an electronic form but also allows you to edit changes.

Even it's possible to create word processing files (such as Microsoft Word) from scanned documents, manipulate, edit, rewrite, and even share them. Hence, the documents are no longer fixed images that are difficult to utilize – you can easily type in any updated information.

Document scanning services are widely used in various professions. In the legal profession, searches usually take long hours or even days. But, with OCR, it becomes easy to make searches within a seconds. Whether you want to search by date, name, address, and subject, it's easy to access a document. 

eRecordsUSA can handle OCR document scanning services and deliver results in alignment with the accuracy rate you require.

How Does OCR Document Scanning Work? 

The OCR engine or OCR software works by using the following steps:

Image Acquisition: An OCR-enabled scanner converts documents to binary data. The OCR software analyzes the scanned image and classifies the light areas as background and the dark areas as text.

Pre Processing: The first step is cleaning the image and removing the errors so that OCR software can read the text. During the cleaning process, we check the following:

  • Deskewing or tilting the scanned document slightly to fix alignment issues during the scan.
  • Despeckling or removing any digital image spots or smoothing the edges of text images.
  • Cleaning up boxes and lines in the image.
  • Script recognition for multi-language OCR technology

Text Recognition: The two main types of OCR algorithms or software processes that an OCR software uses for text recognition are called pattern matching and feature extraction.

Pattern Matching: Pattern matching works by isolating a character image, called a glyph, and comparing it with a similarly stored glyph. Pattern recognition works only if the stored glyph has a similar font and scale to the input glyph. This method works well with scanned images of documents that have been typed in a known font.

Feature Extraction: Feature extraction breaks down or decomposes the glyphs into features such as lines, closed loops, line direction, and line intersections. It then uses these features to find the best match or the nearest neighbor among its various stored glyphs.

Post Processing: After analysis, the system converts the extracted text data into a computerized file. Some OCR systems can create annotated PDF files that include both the before and after versions of the scanned document. 

Benefits of OCR Document Scanning From eRecordsUSA

Our many years of experience with OCR allow us to scan large documents, low-quality source materials, and color pages to deliver the finished product in a short turnaround time. 

In addition to collecting pictorial data, eRecordsUSA also helps you transform that data into a fully editable document that you can search, edit, add content, format texts, etc. Having a team of professionals, we are capable of handling projects as large as millions of pages as well as projects as small as 100 pages.


Benefits of OCR Document Scanning are as follows -

Highly Skilled and Experienced Personnel: In order to convert documents and images into digital file formats that can be easily accessed and retrieved, our professionals are highly skilled and experienced.

Accurate Output: Using our Quality Assurance team, we capture content from documents with the highest level of accuracy.

Editable OCR: With our document scanning services, you can get edited documents without changing their original formatting.

Format Preservation: In contrast to changing graphs, charts, and equations into images, we keep their layout and format in their original files.

We are popular for providing the following services:

  • Scan the documents, image text, and printed texts
  • The latest high-speed scanning equipment
  • Cost-effective service
  • Convert the document or image you select

In short, you can rely on eRecordsUSA for the most accurate OCR document scanning services. Our purpose is the timely completion of your OCR document scanning project, and we use our resources to reach that goal. Try us out – we offer a no-obligation trial that will help you see what we can deliver in terms of quality and productivity.

eRecordsUSA is an ISO/ISMS Certified Women-owned Minority business, based in San Francisco bay area, California providing a reliable document management solution you can trust. We customize OCR document scanning projects as per our client's needs.

You can take a free consultation and discover the difference by yourself. Our document scanning service is assurance of quality scan and digitization of your documents.

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