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Preserving Documents by Digitization & Archiving for the future! 


Does your organization routinely deal with large volumes of paper documents and data entry ? has it now become a storage facility? In that case, eRecordsUSA Document & Book Scanning and Data Entry Services have the perfect solution for you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. We can help in Document scanning, Book Scanning and Digital Archiving of all your business papers, documents, books, large format documents, films, archival collections, newspaper & magazines, photos & photo albums, etc and help you save that very expensive office space. Let us help you reclaim your office.

eRecordsUSA , one of the best document scanning company in San Francisco Bay Area CA, has been providing secure, confidential & high-quality professional-grade imaging, document conversion, and data entry services to small & medium-sized businesses & also many Fortune 500 companies in a variety of fields such as banking, law, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, IT, construction, publishing, pharmaceuticals, city & county departments, libraries, educational institutes such as universities, colleges and schools now for a decade. In the past 10+ years, we have handled projects of varying sizes/ volumes including documents, bound books, magazines, newspapers, blueprints, maps, lab-notebook notebooks,  letters, postcards, forms, memorabilia, poster, boards, genealogy records, family photos of various vintages. We have successfully scanned originals with archival grade handling, belonging to centuries starting from the 1700's all through the current.

We have earned a high reputation for the quality of our services, deliverables, unmatched customer services & the warranty for our services, that we stand behind. We are experts in the handling of unique, specialized projects requiring special attention with high quality, accuracy, needing customized handling at the same time being cost-effective. We are partnering with and work as subcontractors to many other large imaging service providers/ printing and publishing companies. We are proud to have a large variety of fully owned professional-grade scanning equipment, infrastructure, trained knowledgeable employees & large discreet secure facility to handle any type of project with speed & accuracy. All our customers have been associated with us for years, and trust our services.

Our team has the knowledge & equipment necessary to create electronic copies of nearly any type of source material. Over the years, we have provided clients with many custom services, whether you need to digitize tiny slides or a large blueprint, large map books, or bound sacramental records, we can deliver high-quality scanning results.

Types Of Documents We Scan - Our Expertise Areas


Document & Paper Scanning Services (All industries), Newspaper scanning Services, Bound Book scanning, Large Format Book scanning, Historical Delicate Material Archiving, Blueprint scanning, Plan & Map ScanningMagazines scanning / Yearbooks scanning, Lab notebook, Photos, Journals, Sacramental County Registers/ Records/ Cemetery / Deed Record/ Surveyor & Resolution books, Large Photo/ Banners/ Photo Albums, X-Rays, NDT Film scanning, Microfilm Rolls, Photo album scanning, Slides and Negatives scanning.


•  SBA 8(a) Certified, Graduation 09/16/2028
•  SBA Certified Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Business
•  WRMSDC Certified Minority Small Business
•  Certified California Small Business
•  Alameda County SLEB Certified Small Business.



Small & medium-sized businesses, large corporations, High net worth individuals, Universities,  Schools, Government County & Cities, Bio-Technology Customers, Publishing & Printing Businesses, & other Imaging Business, Consultants, Individuals including Law offices, Accountants, Medical Offices,  Manufacturers, etc



•  Full Owned & Operated High-end professional-grade imaging equipment
•  Completely Debt-Free Business
•  Continued growth since inception, increasing client base. 
•  Stable & Consistent long term employees
•  Expertise in handling any size, any kind, and type of originals
•  Latest IT Hardware & Security Apparatus.
•  OEM Service Contract for Maintenance & Updates 
•  Discrete & Secure Operations
•  Diverse Manufacturers for Scanning Equipment with Unique Capabilities


eRecordsUSA also provides accurate data entry services, data entry outsourcing services, document scanning services, and OCR conversion & cleanup services. We reduce your cost by taking over the redundant and repetitive tasks of data entry services, data entry outsourcing services, document scanning services, and document processing services, allowing you to focus on areas that need your attention. We started in the year 2001 after we identified the need for a simple and cost-effective approach for managing and storing thousands of physical documents.

By utilizing the same unique process of document Scanning, organizing and storing searchable digital documents on our Secure Online Documents Storage System, we are confident your business will increase its efficiency by leaps and bounds.
We offer a convenient pickup and delivery service, so don’t worry about hauling those boxes out of your office, well take care of it for you. Plus, eRecordsUSA is insured, so you can rest easy knowing that any private or sensitive data will be safe with us. Need those documents shredded after they’re scanned? We can take care of that too.

So stop wasting money on huge, inaccessible storage facilities. Stop using your office as an expensive, inefficient warehouse. Stop rummaging through dozens of boxes and drawers just to find that one file. Call eRecordsUSA for a no-obligation consultation of your organization's document management needs. One call does it all just think what your office will look like when its an office once more!

eRecordsUSA also provides accurate, secure and on-time data entry services and data entry outsourcing services. Outsourcing data entry services helps our clients cut their back-office document processing costs. Outsourcing data entry services to eRecordsUSA improves the quality and accuracy of data entry. Outsourcing data entry services to eRecordsUSA improve processing time.

Feel free to reach out to us here with any questions that you may have about your Digitizing & Scanning Project, or call us at 510.900.8800, Monday through Friday, between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Allow eRecordsUSA to assist you with Digitizing and preserving your precious documents. Don’t forget to ask about our exiting & past clients, you will be amazed to hear about them.


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Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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