Book Archival Services

Book Archival Services

Books Archival & Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area

eRecordsUSA Archival Digitization services include, but limited to Archived Collection, Annual Reports, Board Minutes, Consumer Catalogs, Correspondence, Employee Newsletters, HR Files & Contracts, Manuscripts Collections, Maps & Drawings, Media Libraries, Microfilm & Microfiche, Newspaper Clippings & Articles, Photo Collections, Photo Slides & Negatives, Photo & Photo Albums, Sales & Marketing Materials, Research Files, Trade Catalogs, Legal Documents, Art Work, Letters & Post Cards Collections.

When considering the historical importance of books, especially rare and fragile books and how they have changed the shape of humanity, book archival services have a duty to ensure that these documents are safe for future generations. Even services that deal primarily with books that have been converted to digital format still need to be diligent with the artifacts they have been given to protect and store. There are many things that book archival services must keep in mind about the ethics of storing historical books.

Book Archival Service in Fremont, San Francisco Bay Area, California

One of those is to ensure that the public can access historical information. If the book you need stored by a book archival service is allowed to be viewed or read by the public, the service you choose must understand that the information and historical importance of the item need to have reasonable accommodations available so it can be shared (under supervision, of course).

Any methods or materials used to preserve a historical book should be of the highest quality, and should be selected to ensure that the preservation methods do not damage the materials or methods used when the book was created. Your book archival services need to understand how to treat books of different eras and printing styles.

All books should be stored in a place that is secure, because the theft of historical documents should never be taken lightly. When you are looking for the right book archival services, you should always ask about their security protocol. Ideally, you want a service that has multiple check-ins and cameras or guards available.

The idea of ethics in such a dry business may seem odd to some, but these books often possess extreme significance for our cultural and social evolution. Your books should always be handled by professionals who understand this and are willing to treat them carefully.

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