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Discover the premier yearbook scanning services offered by eRecordsUSA, a top-rated document management company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in both high school and university yearbook scanning, eRecordsUSA ensures that every cherished memory and historical record is meticulously preserved and made accessible.
With our advanced OCR conversion software, your yearbooks are transformed into searchable digital formats, such as PDFs, digital images, and ebooks, facilitating easier access and sharing. eRecordsUSA stands out not just for its expertise in document scanning but also for its commitment to providing cost-efficient solutions
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    Educational institutions from elementary schools to prominent universities are choosing to protect their legacies using yearbook scanning service. Many of these organizations look to eRecordsUSA to have their yearbooks scanned and digitized.

    Advantages Of Yearbook Scanning Services

    • Preserving the Past – Many schools choose to keep at least one copy of every yearbook in order to create an archive of the school’s history. However, these books will likely become worn, lost or even vandalized over the years. The high-quality yearbook scanning service provided by eRecordsUSA will keep all of the photos and text in great condition. The digital images will look identical to the originals, allowing you to print additional copies or allow electronic access to the books for many years to come.
    • Easier Access to Information – At eRecordsUSA, we utilize the leading OCR conversion software available. This software recognizes the text within your yearbooks and converts images into searchable text. When students, alumni, or faculty want to find a particular name or organization in the electronic yearbook, they can search for specific words and be guided directly to the page they need.
    • Cost Efficient Solutions – Yearbook scanning services are a very affordable investment, and much less expensive than yearbook reprinting services. eRecordsUSA offers very competitive prices that are based on the number of yearbooks to be scanned, and the number of pages in each book. Special bulk rates are available.

    Educational institutions from across the USA turn to us for their yearbook scanning solutions year after year. This is not only because we offer high quality scans at inexpensive prices, but also because of our dedication to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

    We appreciate that you are trusting your staff with the memories of your institution, and great care is taken to not only produce great scanning results, but also to protect your original books.


    Digital Yearbook Archival Bay Area, California

    Yearbook Archival Services

    Imagine that archaeologists uncovered a new historical site, something absolutely earth shattering that changes everything we thought we knew about the evolution of society. This could be bigger than finding the Lost Ark, bigger than Atlantis. And yet, we have nothing more than our interpretation of what we see to go on when it comes to explaining what this discovery is. How much easier would this be if the people who lived there, thousands of years before, had left some sort of directory? Something that showed who lived there, what they did, where they gathered.
    Something like a yearbook. A yearbook is a publication that simply shows who and what happened in a place for the last year. Many libraries and schools already perform their own yearbook archival services, keeping records going back as far as they can of all the alumni and former staff and faculty that have been a part of the establishment’s history. Other businesses may have yearbooks for their staff or events that they have done; if for no other reason than it offers you a way to look back at your success, a yearbook archival service is an excellent idea.
    There are multiple ways to archive yearbooks. The physical books can be stored in locations that are designed to protect books from the elements. These places are great for backlogs of old yearbooks that may already be weak in the binding or falling apart. Another method is the digital yearbook archival service, which allows you to upload yearbooks to digital storage. This could also be a great idea for older yearbooks, so that the information could be accessed without disturbing the book. Many companies are even choosing to create their yearbooks in digital format in the first place.

    Yearbook Digitizing in California

    Yearbook Digitizing Service

    If you’re considering yearbook digitizing services but have been holding off out of fear it’s just not in the budget, it’s time to look at the cost-effective side of the service. For most businesses budgets are the deciding factor in the decision-making process, and a school or educational institution is similar in that it has a budget it needs to stick to. With that said these yearbook digitizing services are becoming more and more commonplace in the education system and that’s no coincidence. These institutions aren’t just ignoring their budget, instead they are seeing the cost-effective side of this digital option.
    Here’s the question you may be facing right now: what are the costs involved in reprinting a yearbook versus digitizing it? Now the answer may surprise you, but in most cases it’s cheaper to actually digitize the book. Keep in mind once you digitize it, you won’t have to worry about it getting lost, worn, or ruined because you will always have that digital copy. That means there won’t ever be a need to re-digitize it, unlike printing where there is no guarantee it will be the one and only time you need to reprint it.You could also take that same volume of books and ask to get a quote on having them reprinted / printed, this is another great way to compare the cost. 

    High School, College and University Yearbook Scanning

    eRecordsUSA provides both destructive and non-destructive Yearbook Scanning Service. Our destructive option is lower-cost. We remove the spine of the book and cut the pages at the margins, and the book will not be returned. For valuable books that require return in perfect condition, our customized non-destructive option using our overhead scanner is optimal.

    eRecordsUSA offers a mail-in book Yearbook Scanning Service. We are located in San Francisco Bay Area and all our scanning and processing work is done on site. We provide services for customers from all over the United States. Our low-cost business model allows us to offer the lowest priced bound yearbook scanning service provider.

    Unlock the information bound in yearbooks.

    Yearbook Scanning and Archival Services in San Francisco

    For a no-obligation and free estimate, and to discover how we can assist you in the Yearbook Scanning Service or for pricing on the same, please Contact Us for a free estimate or Call us at (510) 900-8800.

    Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Services and to Request a Quote. eRecordsUSA is an 2007 ISO Certified Woman Owned Minority small business in SF Bay Area, provides books, document scanning services and more. Would you like to receive a free quote for blueprint & maps scanning services?

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    Yearbook Scanning FAQs

    What is yearbook scanning and why is it important?

    Yearbook scanning or digitizing involves converting physical yearbook copies into digital formats, helping preserve them, and making the information easily accessible. It’s crucial for protecting the legacy of educational institutions by preventing wear, loss, or vandalism of the original copies.

    What advantages does eRecordsUSA offer for yearbook scanning?

    eRecordsUSA provides professional high-quality archival scans that replicate the original yearbooks. We also use industry leading OCR software to make the scanned files searchable for text, and offer also other cost-efficient add on solutions. Our dedication to quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction, coupled with competitive pricing, makes us a preferred choice for educational institutions all across California, and the whole country.

    Can eRecordsUSA handle both high school and university yearbooks?

    Yes, eRecordsUSA offers yearbook scanning services for all educational institutions of all levels, from elementary schools to prominent universities and colleges, charter & preparatory schools, summer camps etc, ensuring that every yearbook digitized is preserved with care for future generations. We service a variety of historical societies, clubs, libraries both public and private, personal collections, archival organizations, museums, genealogists, sacramental dioceses & parishes etc.

    What is the difference between destructive and non-destructive scanning options?

    Destructive scanning involves removing the spine and cutting the pages, which means the original book is not returned or if returned, with unbound pages. Non-destructive scanning uses overhead scanners to digitize books page by page without damaging them, allowing the original books to be returned intact.

    We don’t recommend using high speed scanners for Yearbook Scanning. We prefer to use high resolution professional photo scanning equipment to capture high quality images with scanning resolution varying from 300 to 600 dpi. Yearbooks are not scanned as documents, but more like color photographs

    How does the OCR conversion software benefit the digitized yearbooks?

    The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software makes the text within the yearbooks searchable. This means users can easily find names, years, ceremonies, organizations, or specific information by searching for keywords, improving access to information.

    What are the details and costs involved in eRecordsUSA's yearbook scanning services, and how can I get started?

    eRecordsUSA specializes in high-quality digital preservation of yearbooks, offering competitive pricing tailored to educational institutions. Price varies based on volume of books, and number of pages in each book. Yearbooks also vary in physical size, some being larger than others, making them heavy and difficult to handle. Condition of the original, may require delicate and careful handling as well. We have been providing these services for over 2 decades, and have a long list of satisfied customers. We are happy to talk to you for no obligation discovery call, about your specific project, turn around time and file formats you need.

    eRecordsUSA focuses on quality and service, and client satisfaction and professional delivery. 100% audit, close cropping, close attention to detail, aiming for a one time service product to last for all times. We don’t cut corners, or push operators to rush in jobs. We appreciate quality and so do our customers. We do not purport to be the cheapest, but always aim to remain one of the best service providers.

    For oversized yearbooks or if additional services are needed, such as photo cropping, extra charges apply, reflecting our commitment to accommodate various yearbook formats, condition, sizes and requirements. To initiate a yearbook scanning project or to receive a free estimate tailored to your specific needs, eRecordsUSA encourages you to reach out directly. You can contact us by calling (510) 900-8800 or by submitting an inquiry through our online form. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, guiding you through the process to ensure your memories are preserved with the care they deserve.

    What areas does eRecordsUSA serve for yearbook scanning services?

    While based in the San Francisco Bay Area, eRecordsUSA serves educational institutions across the entire state of California and all the 50 states in the United States. We service customers from across the length and breadth of our country and are proud to deliver the same service to all. Shipping books is relatively inexpensive, when using Media Mail service provided by USPS. We do recommend that the boxes are packed more sturdily to ensure the shipping stress.

    How does eRecordsUSA ensure the security and privacy of the digitized yearbooks?

    eRecordsUSA prioritizes the security & confidentiality of your digitized yearbooks. The scans are exclusively for your school’s use, and they do not resell or use the files in any other way. After the project is completed and your satisfaction is confirmed, the digital files are deleted from the servers. We are also ISO 9001 & ISMS 27001 certified businesses.

    How can I trust the quality of eRecordsUSA's scanning services?
    eRecordsUSA takes great pride in the precision and quality of our scanning services. Our 5-star Google Reviews reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We employ the latest technology to scan thousands of yearbooks and other archival materials, ensuring high-quality digital captures without compromising on efficiency or affordability. For those interested in seeing the quality of our work firsthand, we offer free sample scanning of a small portion of 1 yearbook, allowing you to witness the meticulous attention to detail and care we put into each project.
    To begin the process of preserving your school’s memories with our state-of-the-art scanning services, please contact eRecordsUSA. Our team is eager to assist you in choosing the right options to suit your budgetary and preservation needs.



      Book Scanning

      What Our Client Says

      •   Mr. Sharma is very professional and friendly.  We had eRecords scan our books for archive purposes.  The quality of their service is amazing.  They are fast and timely.  I am very glad that we used eRecords to scan our books and wouldn't hesitate to contact eRecords if we need digitizing/imaging service in the future.

        thumb Esther L.
      •   eRecords has provided an amazing high quality scanning work for our books. Mr. Sharma is very detail oriented and the results are just excellent!

        thumb Eliana D.
      •   I contacted eRecords for a small-scale scanning job. Although they usually work on large projects, Pankaj was more than willing to help with what I was looking for! The scans that came back were high quality, and delivered in a timely matter. eRecords was also the business that quoted me the most competitive price. I would definitely recommend - Pankaj is knowledgable and a great collaborator to work with on meeting any scanning service you may need.

        thumb Nina P.
      •   ERecords USA has provided Fast, Timely, and Amazing quality service for scanning my books and magazines. Ritika, Pankaj, and their Staff are very friendly, flexible, and easy to work with. They go above and beyond in their service. I give them  A+++.

        thumb Rahul P.
      •   I have used eRecordsUSA on three separate occasions and each job was performed exceptionally. All files scanned at high resolution, organized, and returned in a timely manner. Pricing was also very reasonable for such time-intensive work. Management was also very good with their communication.

        I am a digital nomad that owns zero paper, so having all of my files in Google Drive is imperative. With Google's OCR (Optical Coherence Recognition) I can now find my files at lightning speed. ie - I search for [deed], [roof repair], [assessment], etc. and all relevant files "automagically" appear.

        thumb Cameron V.
      •   EXCELLENT quality work. VERY professional. I had some kids art work scanned high resolution that was too large for the scanners at copy shops. eRecordsUSA did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them.

        thumb Stephen M.
      •   ERecords USA provided a fast and accurate turnaround for a request to duplicate X-Rays.  They ensured that copies were accurate prior to payment and went out of their way to produce within a short time.

        thumb Beth S.
      •   Erecords scanned 56 bankers boxes of legal case files and other professional documents for me. This was a particularly difficult and complex job because, in naming files, they had to work from both a written file inventory and the file names on the folders themselves and use a consistent file naming protocol that Erecords and I agreed upon. They did an outstanding job of following this file naming protocol and organizing the documents in digital form to create the file structure that I intended. This job was also difficult because of the variety of page sizes and the age and condition of some of the documents; they managed to accurately capture everything. They also made the job easier for me by picking the documents up at my home. Pankaj at E records was invariably courteous and helpful and spent the time needed with me before the job to develop a digital file structure to make the documents most useful. I highly recommend Erecords for document scanning.

        thumb David L.
      •   I chose eRecords to scan over 2000 pages of yearbooks and several hundred photos from the early 90's to early 00's. I was not disappointed. They were one of the few locations in the Bay Area that I contacted that let me drop off and pickup the material in person. The JPG and PDF scans that they sent me were extremely high quality and OCR'd the yearbooks so I can search for text. They were able to repair one of my yearbook's bindings to the point where I couldn't even find the repair! This place is professional and good value for what I received. If something ever happened to my irreplaceable yearbooks and photos I know they're digitized now and backed up to multiple locations on my network and cloud! Highly recommended, Pankaj and eRecords!

        thumb David B.
      •   I found eRecordsUSA on an internet search and contacted them to inquire about scanning to PDFs a set of some six hundred old, faded, tattered pages of an underground/community newspaper I co-founded fifty years ago.  I lucked out on this first call, finding a most professional, efficient, accessible, top notch company to help me archive my newspaper despite these trying, pandemic times.

        thumb Ted R.