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Book Scanning & Digitizing Services, San Francisco, CA

Want to take advantage of the growing demand for electronic books, but you only have print versions of your work? At eRecordsUSA, we can provide you with book scanning services to cost-effectively convert print books to eBooks. This is your chance to republish out of print books and/or introduce your works to entirely new digital audiences.

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What Are The Advantages Of Scanning Books?

You might be tempted to try to simply use your home scanner to create digital copies of your book. Stop right there! If you try to attempt this on your own, you are going to be causing a major headache for yourself, and after hours and hours of frustration, you will not likely achieve the results you deserve.

Advantages that come with choosing the professional and experienced book scanning services of eRecordsUSA.

A few examples include:

Higher Quality Our team has both the knowledge and the innovative technology necessary to produce impressive electronic copies of your book. All of your text and images will be digitized accurately and clearly.

Increased Functionality One of the problems you will run into if you try to scan your own book is that you will have dozens – or even hundreds – of image files that are unorganized and unstructured. At eRecordsUSA, we can convert these image files into labeled PDF files that are searchable. This enables readers to search and find specific words throughout the text.

Cost Efficiency Using the Book Scanning Services of eRecordsUSA can actually save you money. We offer extremely affordable per page book digitization services, and discounts are available for high volume orders. You receive a professional scan of your book, while saving your time and resources.

Fragile Book Scanning & Digitization

From digital transformation of historical records to preserving rare volumes to protecting family heirlooms, our book scanning services offer the protection you deserve. We have worked with colleges, libraries, trusts and estates, families, and others to protect and preserve books while ensuring that the information contained in those pages is accessible.

What is non-destructive book scanning?


Non-destructive book scanning is the digitization process of protecting the physical documents & converting them into ebook format, CD, and MP3.. The process of preservation involves book scanning and converting it into digital file format without removing the back of the spine or destroying it. It  is accomplished with the help of special robotic & flatbed book scanners. The original book is resumed as it is.

We offer bound book scanning conversion & digitization of documents like heavy textbooks, binders, lab manuals, research papers and more into ebook format. If you are having a collection of books that are fragile and delicate, we can scan them without damaging their binding. We specialize in non-destructive book conversion in large volumes. 

Book Scanning and Digitization Services
We can scan large volumes of books, lab notebooks, and media types for our clients. These include, but aren’t limited to:
Hardcover books
Rare and fragile books
Lab notebooks
Research notebooks
Bound medical records

As a high-volume document scanning company, We primarily work with large collections and archives providing high–quality conversion. The non –destructive book conversion process requires skills and techniques. Scanning and digitization of books sometimes need editing and repairing of pages without removing binding. 


Book Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Thanks to advances in technology and increasing globalization, it is now possible to share a book instantly with anyone around the world. Well, this is possible if you have an electronic copy of your book. You can access the affordable book digitization services are necessary to achieve this goal at eRecordsUSA.

Book Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Why Use Book Digitization Services?

There are many advantages that come with digitizing a book. Just a few examples include:

Access – Electronic books can be accessed anytime and anywhere by anyone that is authorized. There is no need to ship physical copies of the books – you can transfer a digital copy in the blink of an eye.

Affordability – At eRecordsUSA, we pride ourselves in providing highly cost efficient book digitization services. Expert technicians, using high-resolution scanners, handle your project and you receive a professional product at an excellent value.

Functionality – Some people, especially researchers and students, prefer our electronic books to the physical copies because we can make the documents searchable. This means you can easily find specific words and phrases throughout the text.

Preservation – Book digitization services make it much easier, and affordable, to archive all of your books, manuscripts, journals and more. Because the data is stored and catalogued electronically you do not have to worry about having storage space, misplacing books or losing copies to wear and tear.

Scanning Books to PDF and Other File Formats



After scanning the books using a special scanning machine, the soft copies are created in different types of file formats and finally, a PDF copy of the book is created. PDF/A and standard PDF format are used with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This format is termed eBooks. They are the exact copy of the original book and you can search anything as per the index of the book and the access is fast.

The other file formats we can offer are Word documents or even Excel files. These formats we only obtain through the OCR process. There is no other way for this. Characters and numbers are recognized and the software tries to rebuild the original document in a Word or XLS file.
This is a great tool for authors. They can now sell their old paper books in digital formats. EBooks are in demand and the market is rapidly growing.


Protect Your Information with Non-Destructive Book Scanning



The book scanning and digitization process protects intellectual property and historic Information. The critical data can be recovered from damage, theft, or natural loss. Documents like research papers, lab manuals and historic documents are valuable. Digitization is the need not the choice. The non-destructive scanning allows you to securely convert the books into digital format. Further, you can freely share digital copies with anyone. The digital copies of books can be stored on your smartphone that makes reading them so easier and handy.

When it comes to scanning books, professional companies make use of manual and automatic book scanners . Both the methods are used. However, non-destructive book scanning is preferably done using automatic scanners. We can leave the decision to the company to whom we approach for book scanning. All you have to do is to ship your books to a company that can proficiently do the conversion without damaging the book.


Non-Destructive Book Scanning Service San Fransisco CA


We provide services for non-destructive book scanning at affordable pricing. We will scan your books without removing the spine using one of our book scanners. Currently, we have the OVS3 scanners that produce high-quality results.

This is how we would like to proceed with our book digitization work without damaging
Step 1: First we ask the samples of the books collection to scrutinize their condition. , binding, paper quality, repairing, if required, all are checked and a detailed list of tasks are prepared. The book volumes, several pages to scan are included in the complicated list. Depending on the task, the customized prices are quoted.

Step 2: In the initial phase of negotiation with clients, our marketing team produces a detailed document including the details of file formats like TIFF, JPEG, etc. required after scanning or you like to convert the original boos in ebooks format.
 Note: We are known for doing digitization tasks at the best price in the market.

Step 3: Ship your Books: Once the order is confirmed with us, you can ship your books to us for scanning. If you wish, our executive can pick the books from your office by preparing an inventory.

Step 4: We do High-Quality Scanning: Our highly-trained staff scans your book, processes your file using our customized approach, and emails you a file download link. You will receive a searchable PDF and a Word file.

Step 5: Review Matters – You can review the final product and confirm your satisfaction via email.

Step 6: Non-Destructive Only – Lastly we ship the book right back to you, intact.


Professional Book Conversion & Digitization Services

If you are looking for a book digitization company that can provide comprehensive, high quality book digitization services, eRecordsUSA is the answer.

We have developed long-term affiliations with leading research labs, educational institutions, government agencies and many other organizations that continually need accurate and affordable book scanning services and document scanning services. They return to us time and again because we guarantee top quality results.

Ready to create an electronic version of your book? Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at to know more about our Book Scanning ServicesNon Destructive Book Scanning Services / Book Archiving ServicesBook Digitization Book Archival Services / Bound Book Scanning Services .

eRecordsUSA offer Book Scanning Service in following areas of California, Marin, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, San Jose, Sunnyvale, San Mateo, Mountain View, Redwood City, East Bay: Concord, Milpitas, Dublin, Livermore, Hayward, Fremont, Oakland, Contra Costa, Alameda, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Napa Valley: Santa Rosa, Solano, Sonoma, Vallejo, Fairfield, Petaluma, Pittsburg & Martinez.

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