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Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The productivity and efficiency of your office can take a major hit if you have to stop and perform hours and hours of data entry. This process might even drive you – or your employees – crazy. A great way to save your office from this time-consuming and tedious work is to use the professional Data Entry Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California provided by eRecordsUSA.

data entry services

Superior Document Imaging Solutions

We are a highly experienced document scanning company. Our talented team has perfected the techniques necessary to consistently deliver high quality document images, whether your documents are small rebate forms or large blueprints.

Processing and Indexing Your Data

When your documents are initially scanned, they are converted into images that are identical to the originals. During the data processing phase, we implement software that makes it possible to search and extract text from the images.

eRecordsUSA provides optical character recognition (OCR) conversion and OCR cleanup services to allow for accurate and rapid data entry solutions. The original documents are converted into useable text files, and during the OCR clean up process, the documents are checked for accuracy and any errors are addressed.

Fast Turn Around -

We understand that the data being processed is important for the daily operations of your organization. Our team has developed data processing systems and procedures that allow for fast and precise results.

Affordable Prices -

eRecordsUSA offers highly competitive rates for data entry and processing. Contact us and tell us about your project and we will design a service package that fits your needs and your budget. Special rates are available for large volume projects.


Confidentiality -

We respect the privacy of our clients and their information. All of our services are conducted in a secure and confidential manner, whether we are scanning books or medical records. Additional confidentiality agreements can be implemented, as well.

To receive a consultation and a free quote for data entry services / data processing services, call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at info@eRecordsUSA.com .

eRecordsUSA offer Data Entry Services in following areas of California, San Francisco, Mountain View, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, Redwood City, Marin, San Jose, Sunnyvale, East Bay: Alameda, Concord, Contra Costa, Hayward, Oakland, Pleasanton, Dublin, Fremont, Milpitas, Livermore, San Ramon, Napa Valley: Santa Rosa, Solano, Sonoma, Fairfield, Petaluma, Vallejo, Pittsburg & Martinez.


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