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Document Scanning Requirements:

In this stage, your organization’s project requirements are defined. These requirements become the basis of the tailored solution we will develop to convert your files into Digital Assets.  In addition, as a courtesy service, we schedule a time to process a set of sample documents for your review and feedback. 

Document Pick up & Receipts: 

All pickups are made in secure locked, business vehicles and always by permanent employees; we never utilize any other third-party shipping company. On arriving at the facility, all boxes are received, in a secure and dry receiving area, and handled at all times by authorized representative. Boxes are accounted for, checked for any damage during the transit, and it is ensured that every box is completely secure.

Documents Received: 

In this stage, we receive the project files and perform an inventory process to log and label these materials/ boxes.  These processes allow us to quickly retrieve any materials you may need while your files are in our care.  Our goal is to serve your information access needs, minimizing the impact of this project on your ongoing operation/business.  

Document Preparation:

In this stage, your files are prepared for scanning.  The document preparation processes we utilize ensure that the natural order of each file is maintained and that the files are prepared to enable the best possible scanning results.  The document preparation team focuses on general project requirements (such as removal of staples, paper clips, binding removal, and document repair & page orientation), as well as repair any damaged areas, and specific project requirements (such as special handling of Post-It Notes, color images, and media). All this is done to ensure the document is scanner ready. This task is the most vital part of the whole process, and our staff works carefully to maintain the integrity of the documents throughout the preparation process. 

Project Set-Up:

In this stage, we tailor the Project Set-up technical requirements based on the specific requirements.  These requirements define the tailored processes and quality procedures we utilize to conduct each stage of your organization’s imaging project.

File Conversion:

In this stage, your files are scanned.  The scanning team focuses on general project requirements (such as image settings, file format, page size, and paper thickness), and specific project requirements (such as special processing of odd-size pages, color images, and double-sided pages). The Scanning Services Quality Lead performs a 100 % review of the scanned files, to ensure that all imaging requirements are met. During the scanning process, the primary concern of the scanning operators is to ensure and maintain the integrity of the documents. While scanning, we always ensure there is an operator on each scanner, all the time, to quickly be able to make adjustments when needed.

Post-Conversion Services:

In this stage, the files are converted into the required file format and processed utilizing the required image enhancement.  If defined as a project requirement, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is performed to enable word-level search and retrieval.  In this task, each letter in an image is processed. 

File Naming, Coding & Quality Review:

In this stage, the files are named, indexed and coded to enable search and retrieval and, if OCR was performed, a secure word-level search within and across the digital files.  To achieve the highest quality coding results, we focus on naming and coding accuracy and validation.  

Project Deliverable & Quality Review:

In this stage, your organization’s digital files are stored on a secure FTP or hosted solution and a Project Status Report is prepared.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best possible deliverable in the time required and have designed each stage in the conversion process with a focus on quality.  As detailed in the description of the stages above, we take every measure to ensure consistency and quality.

Deliverable Sent / Files Returned or Recycled: 

In this stage, your digital documents are shipped and the files Returned, Recycled or Certified Destroyed as per your requirements.  Once you receive and review the digital files, upon request we initiate our electronic file destruction procedures, which permanently delete your files from our systems.  

Document Retrieval Services:

To ensure that the documents and file are always assessable to our customers through, out the image conversion project, we dedicate an operation supervisor and a customer service representative, for any file/ document retrieval request that is made during regular business hours (8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday through Friday). Requests will be delivered to authorized employees via secure password-protected PDF files or through secure encrypted file sharing systems only.

document digitization services
document digitization services
document digitization services
document digitization services

Convert your paper files to a digital format. eRecordsUsa provides an affordable scanning service at our facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.eRecordsUsa offers the following Document Scanning and Imaging services:

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Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Document Scanning Services
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