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Document Scanning, when done right, is an extremely detailed and a multi-step process, and also when not done right, could cost your business dearly and also possible legal troubles. You need to work with a vendor who has the experience to ensure every page is scanned and no pages were missed while scanning. 

When asking for document scanning prices, it is very important to know, what the Digital Conversion Process entails. Does it include for Pick up, Pilot box (sample scans), Document Preparation, Scanning, 100% Quality Control Assurance ( image comparison with original), Indexing/ File Naming, Indexing QA, Quality Control for Indexing, OCR Full Text Searchable, Final QA, Image Delivery? 

Cost to Scan Documents

To understand the pricing for document scanning services, one should prepare or figure out the following questions, these help in our understanding, and therefore providing an accurate estimate;

  • - The number of documents/ pages to be scanned.
  • - Are your documents single-sided/ or both sided.
  • - How much prep work is required.
  • - The size & type of documents/ papers to be scanned.
  • - Originals require Bitonal, Grayscale/ Color  scans, scan resolution, etc
  • - Whether documents are to be shredded or returned after processing
  • - Desired digital file format e.g, PDF, JPEG or TIFF etc
  • - How are the documents stored, in boxes (size & kind), cabinets/drawers, (type)?
  • - What manpower, space, and financial resources can you budget for the project?

Document scanning pricing for any project may vary based on your requirements and the purpose of the scanning project. It also depends on the type of records that you have in hand to be digitized. 

The first step is always to determine the volume of documents, that you estimate to have to scan, along with the requirements of the service, or any unique file naming and organization structure. Estimate the number of pages, as an initial step, because it is the best way to receive an accurate quote. Instead of counting individual pages, you can provide us information. Here is a link to assist you in some preliminary estimation. Check Here. 

You also must keep in mind whether you need single-sided or double-sided scans. Double-sided pages add to the image volume thus, adding to the processing, review, conversion, and final cost.  Also one has to consider the prep work needed to scan the records, as it takes quite it of time to prep the documents, removing staples, paper clips, taping torn documents, fixing or straightening corners, adding document separators.

We can price the project to include the following prep work:  

  • - Removing documents from file folders.
  • - Removing staples, binding, clips, and other fasteners.
  • - Taping documents, which need repair, tears. 
  • - Moving small post-it notes if covering content to the blank area, to capture all content. 
  • - Adding separators between separate documents, to be identified & indexed.
  • - Removing binding, or cutting spine of bound originals.

The pricing of the project will vary based on the above factors. Larger projects, with multiple batches and bulk records, always entertain more aggressive pricing, per image or per box. We are happy to work with our customers to provide fixed boxed pricing or offer to the price per image. Pricing can be offered to include prep work, 100% Quality check, secure NAID shredding, pick up and return of the originals. Secure transfer of the scanned records is offered complimentary to all customers. Requesting scans in any physical media would add cost to the project for the additional cost f the media, and the whole invoice is then subject to sales tax as applicable for tangible deliverables. 

At eRecordsUSA, we do not represent ourselves as being the cheapest scanning service available. We do, however, offer unparalleled quality and customer service, and would be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Simply call us at 510-900-8800, or use the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 


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