Digital Magazine Archiving Services

Digital Magazine Archiving Services

Digital Magazine Archiving Service in San Francisco Bay Area

When choosing to store your magazine’s back issues, one of the most popular magazine archiving service is to create a digital archive. Many of the most widely distributed magazines around the world have done this, opening up their history to readers who love to see where the magazine came from. There are a few different ways to create a digital magazine service.

The first, and probably the easiest, is to hire a magazine archival service to begin crafting your digital archive now, from all issues that you put out in the future. This is easy because it doesn’t require you to unearth old issues; you can simply start with your most recent and move forward. In this case, the magazine archiving service will simply use your digital files to begin crafting the archive.

Another method is for your old issues, those that may not have digital versions, to be scanned and uploaded by the magazine archiving service. It’s important that they scan these items correctly, to get the clearest view for the digital files. If your magazine goes back very many centuries, it can be harder to get a good scan. If there aren’t many pictures, or the pictures aren’t important, then scanning in black and white is the easiest method for creating a legible archive.

A magazine archiving services should also take care to size all the material in a way that makes it easily readable and not such a cumbersome file to be emailed. In this way, the right magazine archiving services ensure that the history of your school, organization, town, or other special interest group is always preserved for future generations. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that your magazine’s files, both old and new, are backed up and safe from any natural or technological disasters.

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