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  • Document digitizing services & backfile conversion of Education records, Federal Government records, Financial records, Historical, Human Resources, Insurance, Legal/ Litigation records, Medical & Patient records, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Publishing & Media, State & Local Government, Utility Companies service records, Technical Manuals & Ship Drawings, Personnel Files, Case Files, Contracts, Legal Files, Facility Records, Engineering Drawings and Plans.
  • Archives digitization services document digitizing services & book scanning, including fragile/ historical records. Archival Media types, including Annual Reports, Board Minutes, Consumer Catalogs, Correspondence, Employee Newsletters, HR Files & Contracts, Manuscripts Collections, Maps & Drawings, Media Libraries, Microfilm & Microfiche, News Clippings & Articles, Photo Collections, Sales & Marketing Materials, Research Files, Trade Catalogs, Legal Documents, Art Work.
  • Book scanning services such as Lab notebooks, research books, scrapbooks, ledgers, deeds, technical manuals, textbooks, yearbooks, artwork, bound newspapers, catalogs, sacramental registers, rare & fragile, bibles, catalogs, vital record books.
  • Microfilm, aperture cards, slides, negatives, photo slides & negatives, photo & photo albums.
  • X-ray film & NDT radiographic film digitizing.
  • Large format document scanning, such as engineering drawings, architectural plans, blueprints, maps, survey books, manufacturing & Graphical designs, posters, land maps & surveys, etc
  • Newspapers & Magazines, Publications, Tabloids, Old delicate legacy Letters & Post Cards.
  • Survey & Research scanning & Data Processing

At eRecordsUSA, we scan all types of documents for all industries, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Office / Patient records and Healthcare Records
  • Litigation records or Law office documents
  • Accounting and financial documents
  • Leasing records 
  • Student records
  • Blueprints & Large Format Documents
  • Engineering drawings
  • Plans & Maps
  • Historical documents
  • Genealogical documents
  • Employee & HR Records
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Book Scanning, Destructive & Non-Destructive 

We digitize for many small & large businesses, many fortune businesses, schools and universities, publishing houses, libraries, writers, businesses, and private individuals.  To learn more about eRecordsUSA’s Document Digitizing Services / Document Digitization Services / Document Scanning Service, call us at 510.900.8800. We would be pleased to speak with you and answer your questions.


Document Scanning Services

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Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Document Scanning Services
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