eRecordsUSA specializes in document scanning & digitization services for the following: 

  • Small and Medium-sized businesses
  • Corporations & Fortune 500, Large corporations
  • Law Offices & Legal Offices
  • Accountants & Financial Institutions
  • Insurance & Mortgage Businesses
  • Architects & Designers
  • Medical Offices & Patient records
  • Schools and Universities
  • Government, Federal, State & Local record scanning
  • Manufacturing & Shipping 
  • HR departments & Employee Records
  • Private citizens
  • Media & Publishing
  • Libraries Public and Private Collections
  • Laboratories and Research Institutes

In addition to top-quality scans, we offer individualized attention, fast turn-around, competitive pricing, and flexible payment terms. Your documents can be scanned in color or black and white, and stored on CD/DVD, in our document cloud, or both.

We also offer you the option of having your documents shredded or returned to you. Free pickup and return is available for high volume jobs.


Feel free to reach out to us here with any questions that you may have about Document Scanning in San Francisco, or call us at 510.900.8800, Monday through Friday, between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. Allow eRecordsUSA to assist you with Digitizing and Preserving your precious records. Don’t forget to ask about our existing & past clients, you will be amazed to hear about them.

Document Scanning

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Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Document Scanning Services
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