Magazine Digitizing Services

Magazine Digitizing Services

Magazine Digitizing Service in San Francisco Bay Area, California

When you think of digitizing your Magazines and getting rid of paper, obviously it involves scanning pages. While the same theory holds true for magazines if you wish to digitizing them, the equipment needs to be high tech enough to ensure the quality and crispness of the pages is there.

Magazine Digitizing Services in San Francisco

More and more magazines are now going the route of digital issues, and with that said they are looking for magazine digitizing services that can fulfill their very specific needs. Readers need to feel they are getting that same experience as the physical copy of the magazine, and a grainy digital copy just isn’t going to cut it.

Services nowadays are able to provide high-resolution scanning of the pages, and they are able to scan in wide format. This wide format alone makes this type of magazine digitizing process unique. The end result is a digital copy that readers can download to their own devices and have available to them any time.

There's also the bonus of OCR technology, which stands for optical character recognition. What this means is that when you scan the pages to convert to a PDF, the software is able to recognize words. Why is this important? Well it allows the reader to perform searches within the text, which can come in real handy when reading a magazine. Readers can jump ahead to the story they are interested in, and spot where the topics/keywords they want to read about appear in the pages. Now keep in mind you'll need to a find a company that offers this type of service, as not all the document scanning services are made equal.

So while digitizing a magazine is a bit more specific than say digitizing a project filled with various documents, thanks to magazine digitizing services it’s a relatively simple process.

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