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Magazine Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Magazines that do not have electronic copies of their back issues are missing out on a great opportunity. The professional magazine scanning services provided by eRecordsUSA allow you to benefit from having every issue available in digital format, ready for online distribution at a moment’s notice.

It seems as though the media is consistently moving towards a paperless medium in terms of newspapers and magazines. Nowadays people are beginning to subscribe to their favorite magazine and receive it in digital form, rather than the traditional paper version. There are obviously all kinds of benefits for the reader, and publishers are seeing the benefits too.

While this is great moving forward, what happens to all those back issues? Magazine digitization services now allow simple access to those back issues in ways that were just never possible before. You can find a magazine digitization service that will scan all of those old issues, and then make them available. Obviously, you can then opt to sell these back issues in digital form, or you may want to offer them as a free added bonus. There are plenty of possibilities there.

Magazine scanning services in San Francisco

What is Magazine Scanning or Magazine Digitization?

Magazines scanning and digitization process is almost the same as bound book scanning. The difference lies in the paper quality and data contained in the magazines. Magazines comprise of thin papers and high-quality images. Most of the data is arranged in sections.

Magazine scanning services use advanced scanners to digitize magazines. These scanners can create the exact copies with a resolution of 600 dpi (dots per inch) in color, grayscale or black and white.

Publishers look forward to scanning their magazines to create easy to read digital copies. Moreover, digitizing makes the magazines more popular on online platforms.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Work
You put a lot of effort into creating high quality content for your magazines. Unfortunately, if readers are interested in a past story that you produced, and you do not have an electronic version available, they may be out of luck.

Back issues of magazines are difficult to store, the pages deteriorate, fade and tear, and sometimes ink will bleed through to other pages. Magazine publishers often do not have the space available to store old issues – and even if they do, they can only let one person at a time view the materials.

Magazine scanning service provide solutions to this problem. At eRecordsUSA, we have the wide format document scanning equipment necessary to create high-resolution scans of magazines. Now, you can have electronic editions of every magazine issue – and never worry about back issues being inaccessible again.

Benefits of Magazine Scanning Services

For businesses, magazines are like historical data that can be useful in business expansion.  It must be scanned and preserved for future use. The online platforms will be the best resource for magazine publishing in the coming years. Some of the benefits of old magazine scanning are:

  • The safety and security of data is the main reason for archiving in digital formats.
  • With time, the quality of the paper deteriorates and it becomes difficult to manage the physical format. Humidity, storage space, environmental dangers are some of the causes that can be overcome by creating scanned copies of magazines.
  • In the era of global businesses, publishers can easily collaborate and share their data with publishers, and readers.
  • Transferring the entire magazine by email to a reader or business partner can be done with a single click saving time and money.

The electronic versions of your magazines will not just look great – they can also be highly functional. Our team can create PDF versions of your magazine issues that are completely searchable, using the latest Full Text OCR Services.

This software takes the scanned pages of your magazines, which initially will be images, and makes the text within recognizable. Once the software has analyzed and detected the text, readers will enjoy the added convenience of being able to search for specific words and phrases throughout the magazine.

Scanning these back issues also takes away the fear of losing them and having them ruined, which is a risk publishing houses have to deal with. Not only that but you won't have to deal with storing these physical copies of the back issues, which can take up quite a bit of space. Once the magazine is scanned, it is then turned over to you in a CD/DVD format, or if you choose you can store it in the cloud. Obviously, each of these options means you won’t need large amounts of space to store it.

Magazine Scanning or Magazine Digitization Services - FAQs

Can magazines be stored within microfilm?

In providing digital services to clients, who can receive their digital copies in a variety of formats, magazines can be converted into microfilms . The conversion to digital formats (PDF, Tiff, etc.) can be done anytime.

A microfilm can last for up to 500 years, with a single roll of film storing up to 2,500 images at once.Some publishers like to create microfilms instead of direct digital conversion which is costly.

Is it possible to do skimming & scanning of magazines after digitization?

The purpose of scanning and digitization is to make digital copies that are readable. In one go, it’s not easy to read and digest the entire content. Therefore the magazine reading is divided into two parts: skimming and scanning.

Skimming involves reading the headings and subheadings of a text to get the main idea or ‘gist’ of the text. This can be called an index of the entire content.

Scanning involves looking through the text to find keywords and phrases that are important or interesting.

Yes, when you do a high–quality scan using specially designed bound book scanners, indexing, and inner page searching becomes easy.

We at eRecordsUSA scan the magazines so that you can read the digital copies effortlessly. We arrange the scanned copies with indexing and search options.

How do I scan, reproduce images & text accurately in digital format?

The text and image scanning can be done using book scanners. The image and text are scanned together. However, to enhance the image quality and to fix image position on a page, image editing tools are used. Finally the entire page is stored in a .jpg, .tif, or .pdf file format. A quality check is done after the pages are arranged. If further page settings are required, advanced photo editing tools are used.

How much does magazine scanning cost?

The destructive and non-destructive methods are used for magazine scanning. The total cost will depend on the type of scanning required, the number of pages, and the condition of the magazine.

If image enhancement is required then digital conversion of magazines becomes a costly affair. However, if you are having a large volume or a big archive to scan then per page scanning would be cheaper.

Scanning magazines is a challenging task but there are tricks to get a great outcome. The scanner bed must be cleaned before use . The pages should not be wrinkled and should be straight before the scan and so on. An initial preparation can produce effective scanning results.

To get this done, you need to approach an agency that provides vintage magazine scanning at affordable prices and in a fast-track mode. Get in touch with us for a smooth and simpler scanning of old and new magazines.

Why Choose Us for Magazine Digitization & Scanning Services?

eRecordsUSA, has been providing Magazine Scanning Services and have scanned and digitized thousands of full-color magazines, with our high-quality photo quality scanning stations for many historical iconic archives of magazines, for some of the worlds most well-known organizations.

We have scanned many magazines for publishers who are looking to digitize their old issues. We have scanned and made their old issues text searchable PDFs that can be shown online and crawled by search engines. Ask how our Magazine scanning services can help you digitize your precious Back Issues of magazines.

Magazine scanning services require special attention and high expertise to get the best quality scan due to various factors, first, they are bound, and everyone want to preserve the same, also older issues have the biggest issue of BLEED, that ink from the other side of the page can seep through, also Older, larger-sized magazines do not fit in conventional scanners. Many older magazines have creases and wrinkles that need to be flattened out prior to scanning. Also, older magazines have very light paper, so requiring special handling.

The older issues of magazines also tend to have yellowing/color issues and the most ink bleed through. At eRecordsUSA, we understand all the above issues well and have found unique ways to reduce and diminish the effects of age, bleed, and bound to get the best quality scan at high resolutions, so as to allow you to even reprint your magazines again. 

If you are looking to start a magazine scanning project, allow us to run an obligation-free sample trial, for a few pages of your magazine. We are confident, after reviewing the sample, you will love the scan even more than the originals. We can provide PDF, TIF, or JPEG files of your scans. All PDFs are provided as searchable, with OCR software. Without OCR, your PDFs won’t become text searchable.

Let us know how can our Magazine Scanning Services, help you out with your magazine scanning project! Call us at 1-510-900-8800, or write to us HERE

Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at to receive a sample or a free, no obligation quote for the magazine scanning service you need.

eRecordsUSA offer Magazine Scanning Services in following areas of California, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Redwood City, Marin, San Jose, East Bay: Alameda, Oakland, Milpitas, Hayward, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Concord, Contra Costa, Fremont, San Ramon, Napa Valley: Fairfield, Santa Rosa, Solano, Sonoma, Vallejo, Petaluma, Pittsburg & Martinez.

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