Family Photo Scanning Services

Family Photo Scanning Services

Photo Album Scanning in San Francisco Bay Area

Most of the photos we take today are captured using digital cameras that allow us to easily store and share the images electronically, but what about the photos that we only have on film or on paper? At eRecordsUSA, we provide professional photo scanning services near you to help you preserve and share those memories as well.

Film photography might be dying in terms of popularity thanks to the rise of digital camera technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead and gone. This is most obvious in the need to preserve, protect and digitize older photographs, particularly large photos. Most home scanners are incapable of large photo scanning with a decent resolution, which means that your photographs might be in danger of decay, discoloration, and distortion.

Protect and Preserve Cherished Memories with Photos and Album Scanning

Photo Scanning Services

Benefits of Photo Scanning & Digitizing

Convenience – Our goal is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to access, organize and share your digitized photos. We will promptly return your original prints, as well as a CD containing identical electronic copies. Your electronic photos can also be stored on a hard drive or transferred to you via our secure server.

Preservation – Even if you go to the trouble of storing your print photographs with the greatest of care, the images are going to become faded or discolored over the years. By opting for photo album scanning services now, you can preserve the images as they look now.

Protection – When you ask people what they would save during a house fire – after people and pets – one of the next most popular answers is the family photo album. You can worry much less about losing your irreplaceable photos when you have digital copies available.

We Take Our Responsibilities Very Seriously

When you hire eRecordsUSA to scan your photos, you can rest assured that your project will be handled carefully and exclusively by our team. We appreciate that these are your precious memories that we are scanning, and go to great lengths to provide high-resolution electronic versions, identical to the originals.

Your original copies are then returned in the exact condition they were received.

Why Digitize photos?

Why should you consider large format photo scanning services? The primary purpose here is to preserve your photographs.

Photos aren’t particularly durable. Exposure to heat and light can lead to damage. Even the pages of a photo album can cause damage over time.

By digitizing your photographs, you transform them into a format that can’t be affected by the ravages of time and exposure.

Of course, it goes well beyond this. Digitizing your photos allows you to easily share them with others. This is ideal for old family photographs and portraits where there might be only a single original remaining, but multiple family members who would like a copy.

Digital files can be copied endlessly, and they can be shared on CDs or DVDs, or they can be emailed or even shared through cloud storage platforms.

Large Photo Scanning Services

Large Format Photo Scanning Services

Large format photo scanning is an important service for larger pictures with high resolution. While you could certainly use a home scanner for this, the result would be less than ideal, simply because these scanners lack the capability to create high-resolution scans.

Commercial scanners can provide the quality you need, but they’re outside the budget of most individuals (and even many businesses). Working with a company that offers large format photo scanning ensures that even the largest photographs can be accurately scanned, enhanced and reproduced in a digital format.

What Can This Technology Be Used For?

There are as many potential uses for large format photo scanning as there are people who need the service. For instance, it is an excellent solution for digitizing old individual or family portraits to share with siblings, grandchildren and others.

However, it is also a viable solution for many other needs – aerial real estate photographs, for instance.

No Need for an Original

An interesting note about scanning large format photographs is that you don’t always need the original picture. If you have a negative that hasn’t been damaged or distorted, it can be used to create a high-resolution, large format digital photograph.

This benefits those whose original has been lost, damaged or destroyed through an accident.

More Than Photographs

As a final note, large format photo scanning isn’t limited to conventional photographs and negatives. It can be used with artwork, framed art, posters, and much more.

At eRecordsUSA, we have worked with individuals, families, and organizations for many years to digitize photographs, film, and entire albums. We understand the damage that time, exposure to light, and even simple neglect can cause.

Don’t let your treasured memories be lost forever. With our cutting-edge photos and album scanning service, we can protect those moments. We also work with businesses and other organizations to digitize media assets and multimedia archives.

In order to fully capture your photo, we use high-quality digital equipment capable of reproducing full-color photos. We offer both standard and archival quality resolution scanning in both TFF and JPG formats, and then we individually check each photograph for quality before cropping and rotating the images.

We are happy to scan the following images:

  • Loose photos
  • Sleeved albums
  • Magnetic photo albums
  • Oversized scrapbooks
  • Any type of photography or multimedia archive
  • Film


Beyond Photographs and Archival Scanning

In addition to photo scanning and archiving, eRecordsUSA can also provide film slides and negatives scanning. We use advanced technology, including flat-bed scanners and digital ICE technology to detect dust and flaws and then correct for those issues. The result? The highest-quality image archives possible.

At eRecordsUSA, we specialize in preserving and digitizing your photos, negatives, slides , microfilm microfiche scanning and more. Contact us today to learn more about our large format photo scanning solutions, as well as how we can help you preserve your other memories through scanning and digitization.

If you would like to receive a free quote for Photo Album Scanning Service, Document scanning services, Book scanning services & more. Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at now.

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