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Document management can be adapted with digital transformation for educational institutions through student records scanning. More than adopting state-of-the-art technologies, schools and universities need to innovate in the concepts of work and educational management. Therefore, scanning documents in educational institutions is an opportunity to restructure the academic base within this approach to digital transformation.

In many cases, educational institutions are legally required to retain records for a number of years or even permanently. In the past, this meant that your facility had to be able to house and access millions of pages of paper documents. But now you can use our specialized service to accurately digitize and index your documents, allowing you to electronically integrate all the necessary archives.

Digital documents save you time and space. This is something that can help any educational institution. You can even share necessary records with students, teachers, and/or other institutions quickly and easily.




Does the physical structure of the student service no longer support the volume of requests? Is there a delay in service and complaints? Do you spend a lot of time locating and organizing documents? These are some of the indications that your educational institution is not routinely optimized in the provision of services.

Any school or university wants to be more agile in accessing information and responding to requests from the academic community. Reducing the volume of paper on the desktop, making it more sustainable, is also a concern. In the same vein, make teams of professionals more productive. All this becomes more possible when digital transformation is adopted as a strategy. Among its practices, is the student record scanning of documents in educational institutions.

It is normal for you to have doubts about whether or not the investment you are considering is worth it.

First, you have to assess your real needs, both for the proper functioning of the center and to improve the productivity of the workers. If the center is old and has been keeping documents and files for decades, the volume is incalculable.

Some situations that many schools or educational centers frequently face are:

  • Need to share a large volume of documents in real-time, as well as establish control over who can access certain information.
  • Internal communication within the educational community is ineffective, slow and inefficient.
  • Management of numerous data and information through spreadsheets, which is a waste of time that could be used in other tasks.
  • Lack or loss of files and documentation of the educational center, school or institution from its origins to the present.
  • Shortage or inexistence of personnel dedicated to archival and documentary work, with the consequent disorganization of the archives.
  • Little physical space to keep all the documents
  • Ignorance of the existence of new forms of organization, the digitization process, and document management programs.


eRecordsUsa can scan, convert and store many different kinds of records for schools. Here are some of the school records we work with most often:

  • Minutes from school board meetings
  • Student billing statements
  • Transcripts and report cards
  • Student records
  • Personnel files and HR documents
  • School newspapers and student publications
  • Applications for financial aid and related materials
  • Medical records
  • Class schedules
  • Payroll and payroll tax records


Believe it or not, the list provided above offers just a sampling of the types of school records we scan, digitize and store on a regular basis. 

A paperless system eliminates the need for a functional internal paper management system. It gives you the ability to optimize your document flow for everything from admissions to archives.

Here are some of the benefits that document scanning and management systems have brought to the education system:



All the other reasons that make you want to scan documents in educational institutions make it possible to better serve the academic community. Here are just a few of the benefits that student document scanning and document management systems have brought to the education system, such as:

  • Maintaining an online platform enables access and indexing of scanned documents, as well as providing mobility for professionals to work from wherever they want;
  • Having a digital file with student documentation makes it possible to have an online system to request and consult for them;
  • Providing access to documentation in a virtual environment is important for optimizing the production process and service delivery;
  • Having the agility to find information makes attending faster which is considerably time-saving.
  • Scanning documents in educational institutions improve the quality of services provided to the internal and external public, which attracts more students to the school or university.
  • A paperless system eliminates the need to have a functional in-house paper management system. 
  • It gives you the ability to optimize your document flow for everything from admissions to archives.
  • Digital documents can be encrypted, password-protected, and easily identified to eliminate the risk of a FERPA violation.
  • Restricting access to certain documents by staff or even any intruder that might break-in is one way to safeguard confidential information.


If you are considering investing in a document management program, keep in mind that the process begins with digitization. Each project is carried out step by step with checks on your part to ensure a final result that meets your expectations.

Don't wait any longer and consult one of our specialists now to analyze your needs.



What’s included in the best document scanning software, solutions, and services? Consider:

  • Secure transportation pickup and delivery of all documents
  • Scanning of your records on high-speed top of the line document scanners
  • Indexing your student records to ensure rapid retrieval
  • Full quality control procedure to ensure that all images and indexes
  • Scanning student records accurately and securely
  • Document destruction and destruction certificates
  • Secure scanning and file organization for  universities
  • Accurate and dependable scanning services  for corporations
  • Fast electronic delivery of converted images
  • Securely store physical documents in our climate-controlled storage



List of our clients from whom we did professional Educational Document Scanning:

Simpson University
UCI University of California
Boston University
California Institute of Technology
Contra Costa Community College
Exploring New Horizons Outdoor School
HHMI Harvard Medical School
University of California San Francisco


Affordable School District Document Management

Every school district must keep track of large volumes of paperwork while supporting the schools, faculty, staff and students. It can understandably be difficult for those working in school district offices to quickly reference a particular document. Our school district scanning services provide a solution.



eRecordsUSA works with school districts and universities across the country, enabling these institutions to benefit from electronic document filing systems. The numerous advantages of choosing our woman-owned document scanning company include:

  • Flexible Options – We tailor our college and school district scanning services to fit your unique needs. Whether you need to scan financial documents, student records, or even your school yearbooks, we have the experience and equipment necessary to deliver results.
  • High Quality Images – Our document scanning equipment is far superior to the conventional scanners you have likely used. We utilize high-resolution wide and large format scanning technologies that can provide crisp and clear electronic files that are identical to the originals.
  • Instantly Find Important Information – When your school documents and records are scanned, they can be converted into searchable text documents. This conversion makes it possible for school employees to search for specific words and find the information students, parents and faculty need much more quickly than before.
  • Share Information Across the District – School districts are often quite complex systems that encompass a lot of employees that need to be able to collaborate with one another. School district scanning makes it possible for schools to easily share important information with one another with just the press of a button.
  • Confidentiality – At eRecordsUSA we respect the privacy of your students and staff. Our services are never outsourced; our skilled professionals, who adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, perform them exclusively.



Training institutes such as universities, (specialized) colleges, or private establishments often manage a large number of students. Each of these students has a file containing documents such as matriculation confirmations, semester examination forms, and diplomas. The central services, but also the various departments and faculties need access to these documents.

Beyond the ecological challenges represented by the reduction of paper support, digitizing documents has many advantages from an economic and organizational point of view. It should be noted in particular that digitizing your data makes it possible to:

  • Choose the most suitable recording formats according to the needs of dissemination and exploitation;
  • Optimize document management, a tedious and time-consuming task that may require specific skills;
  • Simplify and accelerate file exchanges;
  • Reduce production, processing and archiving time;
  • Automate operations by limiting the risk of error or omission;
  • Facilitate the collaborative work of several stakeholders on the same document;
  • Free up space and avoid the clutter created by physical media.


eRecordsUSA offers a student records document scanning service for all formats in San Francisco Bay Area. We are able to digitize plans, specifications, administrative documents and much more. Education Records Scanning is a must for public or private schools wishing to turn to low-paper practices.

It is possible to scan small and large format documents. A good digitization strategy will help you free up space on your premises in addition to increasing the efficiency of your teams since the documents will be easily and quickly accessible by your employees, which facilitates collaboration.

We would like to remind you that we offer a document management & digital scanning service. Files, documents, books, whatever the format, we are able to make quality digitization of your documents.

For your next student records scanning project, feel free to call us. You can chat with our marketing team to know more about our Student Records Document Scanning Service!

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