Yearbook Archiving Services

Yearbook Archiving Services

Digital Yearbook Archiving Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

Every year, thousands of yearbooks are produced by schools, businesses, organizations, and clubs that detail the activities that stood out for them in the last year. They also act as a record of anyone who was a part of the organization for the past year, creating a perfect historical record for future generations of historians to study. But after decades of natural disasters and other events that have caused paper yearbooks to be lost, many organizations are looking into digital yearbook archiving service for their futures.

Yearbook Archiving Service

Storing your historical records in digital format is a great idea, even if you are going to keep the paper documents as well. Storing your back issues of yearbooks in digital format can also be a huge bonus for alumni or old members of your organization, who may have lost their yearbooks from decades before. Your yearbook archiving service could easily make your yearbooks available through the Internet to retired or graduated members.

Many organizations create an archival committee to oversee the translation of delicate yearbooks to digital format, but hiring the right yearbook archival service can eliminate this time-consuming need. Digital yearbook archiving services will be able to collect your yearbooks, scan them, create the digital backups, and possibly even store the physical yearbooks as well.

Choosing to create digital yearbooks through online services like iYearbook or FlipBuilder can help remove the need for a yearbook archiving service in the future, but you’ll be able to share the decades of proud history your organization has before these options were available. And when you choose to create digital yearbooks, you can still use an archiving service to help you backup and safely store your copies in the event of a future technological malfunction. No matter how you choose to do it, saving your yearbooks is a great way to ensure that the history of your organization lasts forever.

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