What is Book Scanning?

With book scanning, a scanner is used to convert your books into various file formats. Depending on the format you choose, the files may be simply readable, or they can also be searchable. Once scanned and converted, your books are stored on digital media or online.

Why Should I Have My Books Scanned?

There are two very good reasons to have your books scanned. First, it’s a means of backing up valuable information that you may wish to retrieve and use over and over – that’s why schools and universities are increasingly turning to digital storage for texts, journals, theses, etc. that their students use over and over. When your books are scanned, there’s never any danger of loss or damage, and the files can be used over and over by multiple users.

Second, if space is at a premium, you can store literally thousands of books digitally on a set of disks or online that would otherwise take up a good deal of square footage. That’s why scanning is desirable even for private citizens who may have small libraries that they want to preserve, while freeing up space in their homes for other purposes.

Can Any Book Be Scanned?

Legally, yes, provided that you are not duplicating copyrighted material for re-sale. And physically, the answer is also yes. eRecordsUsa can scan even very large books, and we’re also experienced in handling delicate, collectible books. Often, we are able to handle books that other businesses are unable or unwilling to scan.

Can I Have My Books Back?

If you want your books returned to you, we can scan it using the non-destructive method (see the Services tab for more information).

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