What is Photo Scanning?

Photo scanning is simply a method of converting your physical photographs into digital file format. The process typically also includes enhancement – removing wrinkles, stains and other imperfections in the photograph. Once your photos are scanned, they are stored on CD/DVDs and/or online.

Why Should I Have My Photos Scanned?

You should have your photos scanned because you value them. They’re a record of the important events in your life, and the events in the lives of the people you love. You want to look at them over and over, and share them. In digital form, they can be with you forever, even if something should happen to the originals.

You can have multiple copies of CD/DVDs made of your photos to share with your family and friends, and also to serve as backup.

Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

Of course you can. And if you only have a few photos, it might be very easy to scan and store your treasured shots. But if you’re like most people, you probably have hundreds of photos, and its human nature to say “I’ll just save them to my hard drive right now, and I’ll back them up later.”

Sadly, hard drives die, and if you haven’t backed up, those valuable scanned photographs are gone forever.

When you consider how cost-effective it is to simply turn your photos over to a service like eRecordsUsa for scanning and storage, it’s a worthwhile investment. We’ll not only scan and store your photos on digital media and back them up to the eRecordsUsa cloud for instant retrieval, we’ll ensure that any sub-standard shots are enhanced for clarity and continued enjoyment.

Will I Get My Photos Back?

Of course you will! We will handle your valued photos respectfully and with the utmost care. You’ll have an opportunity to approve your scans, and once everything is to your satisfaction, we’ll provide you with digital copies and cloud backup, and then return your treasured photos to you in exactly the condition you delivered them to us.

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Photo Scanning
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