Lab Notebook Scanning Services

Lab Notebook Scanning Services

Lab Notebook Scanning Services San Francisco CA

Your laboratory and field notes provide one of the only tangible records of all of the hard work and research that you have completed. As these notes are vital resources for you, your ongoing projects and your institution, it is essential that you take steps to protect them. The lab notebook scanning services provided by eRecordsUSA can provide the solutions you need.

Lab Notebook Scanning Services in San Francisco



Disaster Recovery – In a lab or any other research setting, there is always at least a minimal risk that your notes could be lost, damaged or even stolen. One accident in the lab and all that you have worked for could be lost.
At eRecordsUSA, we have the document scanning technology necessary to deliver crisp and clear electronic copies of your lab notes that are identical to the originals.

Legal Safeguards – Your research is your intellectual property. To protect this property, publish your findings and to apply for patents, you will likely need to provide proof of your research. Lab notebook scanning services can provide professional electronic research notes that can easily be shared with the appropriate organizations.

Improved Functionality – Your entire research institution can benefit from our lab notebook digitization services. If you collaborate with other researchers in your organization, you can quickly and conveniently share notes with one another without having to work without your own notes.

Lab Notebook Imaging Services San Francisco

If you have an ever growing amount of field and lab notes then likely you're running out of storage space. There's also the fact that with so many notebooks on the go, finding one piece of information can be rather time consuming. Let's not forget the fact that if you ever lose this notebook all your work and research is lost with it. Lab notebook imaging services is a way in which people are learning to organize, protect, and preserve all their important notes and research.

Lab Notebook Imaging Service in San Francisco

There are actually a few main reasons lab notebook imaging services is a great option. First off it actually makes your notebooks more accessible and functional. How is this possible? Well OCR technology software makes it possible to search by text in your notes so you can find things much faster than flipping through the book on your own, and you can share digital copies of your lab notebooks with others.

Another factor to consider is the fact it can help with legal matters. Once you make professional book scanning service of your notebooks you have proof that you did the research and you can show what you've done from start to finish, which is vital if you're arguing about intellectual property rights.

Lastly it protects you from the unthinkable - losing your lab notebook, having it ruined somehow, or even stolen from your possession. Should you lose your lab notebook and have a digital back-up, then there is nothing to fear.

With today’s technology you are able to scan pages even if they are handwritten notes and diagrams, it will still look clear, sharp, and crisp. There is no sacrifice made to the quality of the notes when using a high-resolution professional document scanner. Once you have a couple of notebooks scanned and you see how quick and easy the process is, it will become your new normal.

Choose eRecordsUSA for Your Lab Notebook Scanning Service


At eRecordsUSA, we appreciate that your research notes contain intellectual property that must be kept secure. Our experienced and qualified team complies with all confidentially requirements, your projects are never outsourced to subcontractors and all data is delivered to you using secure processes.

We also understand that you need your notes in order to continue your work. Your documents, along with high-quality scans, will be returned to you promptly and in their original condition.

Protect and preserve your research & findings by Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at for Lab Notebook Scanning Service.

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