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What is a Pledge Card ?

Pledge cards are electronic cards containing personal information with a financial pledge.

Pledge cards ask donors to give information like their name, address, and phone number.

Along with this, a pledge card must have a system to redeem the amount printed on it as a pledge of the donor.

It is a custom-designed card for donation purposes carrying personal account information.


Pledge Card Entry Prerequisites 

When we are compiling the pledge card data, the donor's information such as name, address, phone number , etc. is stored.

The photo and account details are also entered. The sensitive information of donors is secured by using mining techniques.

High-quality scanners with OCR and ICR features are used to scan and store data.

The precautionary security measures such as applying data filters, storing only last four digits of card details , and hiding the donation amount are applied.

One of the biggest challenges to maintain a bulky and sensitive data is redundancy. Therefore , an auto update record feature is a must. 

Before you can enter pledge cards you must have the following: 

– Current campaign system 

– Employers have been entered 

– At least one Batch has been entered And you should have: – All agencies and federations are entered and correctly configured 

Each Batch is attributed to a single Employer Batches are a metaphor for a Key Worker envelope.

Batches contain any number of pledge cards. Batches have no relation to dates, you dont batch cards by date 


How Secure Is Pledge Card Data Entry Services?

The document management companies provide powerful tools for data storage. These effective tools let you store pledge card records..

The pledge cards have the sensitive information regarding payment details.

So, you need to partner with an agency that can provide a safe data storage platform.

We at eRecordsUSA adopt stringent data security practices to ensure a secure scan and storage of pledge cards data.

You can experience a safe outsourcing experience. Our security measures include:

1. E-mail, folder, and file encryption to ensure confidentiality of information shared

2. Regular backup of data to a completely-secure zone to ensure there is no leakage of information (restricted use to employees )

3. After project completion, source documents are returned to the customer or destroyed, according to the customer's instructions.

4. We permit the sharing of only scanned copies or electronic copies of source documents.

Further , we classify data by providing access types as: “top secret”, “secret”, “confidential” and “public”. The objective is :

To ensure that sensitive data-carrying payment details are accessible to limited users.

To create a functional database accessible everywhere. Thus the unimportant data is separated by creating a meaningful database.


How we eRecordsUSA  secure Pledge Card data ?

We deliver complete  scanning, and record keeping service to smoothly maintain the information contained in pledge cards at affordable prices. 

our customized pledge card storage service will help you maintain digital copy of donor’s records that can be used in future.

Data collation and conversion of physical data into digital form is included in delivering a quality data storage service. The advanced tools are used to remove redundancy to produce error-free data.

At eRecordsUSA, Our pledge card data entry process includes the following steps -

1. We professionally design a customized database to store  pledge cards information. The data is accepted in the physical format.

2. The data contained in the card is scanned and stored in a database.

3. A tailored plan is developed by understanding the unique needs of every company.

4. Every pledge card database has different filters and search criteria. We first find out the actual requirement.

5. The data of donors is collected, usually in excel format after the scanning of physical cards.

6. Later using the advanced mining techniques the collated data is converted into an automated digital form.

We use high-quality OCR and ICR  methods to fetch every detail from the pledge cards.

After a detail-oriented compilation helps in creating valuable data

Pledge cards contain some information that is irrelevant to the store. During the storage, only the important information is retained    

Finally, a secure database is created. It is a customized digital copy that is easily retrievable.

Additionally, we also provide security measures such as access codes, passwords, and other details for added security and privacy.


Get Customized Pledge Card Data Entry Service in San Francisco

The technical solutions have reshaped the digital storage methods.

Further the sensitive information like payment details are stores in barcodes to maintain security.

Our pledge card data entry services cater to the need of all types of data.

We accept physical copies of pledge cards , convert them into digital copies by scanning them.

Then a refined and reliable document management doc is created with an indexing feature.

Convert your pledge cards information into robust digital copies. We have successfully handled many pledge card data entry projects.

Are you ready to be next?

For pricing information of our services or for further information, please call us at 855-722-6669 or email us at info@eRecordsUSA.com.


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