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Storing delicate and older books can be cumbersome, especially if you need them on a regular basis for research or have a large collection. 

Over time, paper books can degrade, become damaged, or even be lost. It can be difficult to find specific excerpts you require or revise old editions that only exist in print. Creating eBooks or digitizing such hard-to-find books can solve these problems and more.

Scanning and digitizing these books convert them into a readable and searchable format, which is accessible on your laptop, desktop, and smartphone. Apart from these, there are a lot of advantages. It means you don't need to carry these heavy books. You could access the necessary information by searching for words or phrases inside your books. 

Do you want to scan your older books for historical preservation? As a provider of rare book scanning services, eRecordsUSA understands that these are delicate and fragile books. Our trained professionals are experts in handling and scanning books. Depending on your preference, we can even repair pages before scanning.

What is Rare Book Scanning?

When it comes to scanning, digitizing, and digital preservation of older, more delicate, and hard-to-find books, the greatest care becomes necessary. 

Of course, we, eRecordsUSA, treat every delicate and rare-to-find book with the greatest care. We understand that such books always require special attention. That's why we only use our experienced scanners and high-tech machines to conduct this scanning work.

We always wear gloves to protect these delicate pages and print them with certain supervision, which is all a part of our rare book scanning services.

Why Rare Book Scanning Services Are Significant?

Most book owners are converting their manuals and other books from hard copies to digital e-books as a means of preserving them and protecting them from decay and destruction. 

However, the experts in the field of book scanning services revive the old history and hard-to-find books, as well as other printed materials that are on the verge of extinction. These professionals can preserve, protect, and access information available in books. Because there's no better way than converting your books into digital formats. 

There are various advantages of rare book scanning services:

Safe Archiving Protection: Digitization and secure storage of your older books and other periodicals preserve the contents for future posterity. Digital capture of a book allows storing multiple copies in safe locations both on removable media and in the cloud. We, at eRecordsUSA, only use the very latest book scanning technology while providing services to our clients. 

Book Scanning Through OCR: We employ “Optical Character Recognition” technology to “read” the letters and the words. Your book is thoroughly digitized page by page as the file containing the text is compiled.

Handle With Special Attention: Our experienced professionals handle all the delicate and hard-to-find books with proper care. And, we only prefer to use high-tech technology and always wear gloves to protect pages to properly scan your books.

Easy Accessibility: Once the process is complete, you will be able to read your favorite books, magazines, and other periodicals in a computer text format. We can scan a book into a variety of different storage formats upon request, however scanning to PDF is still the most popular option.

Provide Digital Copies: With your books now in a digitized format, you can share your files easily.

eRecordsUSA specializes in providing non-destructive rare book scanning services for organizations with collections of newspapers, booklets, and other bound media. We can scan your all rare-to-find books, and other history hold materials and convert these files in any format you choose.

How Does Our Rare Book Scanning Work?

eRecordsUSA uses state-of-the-art, specialized, overhead liner book scanners to capture the content of all rare, historical, out-of-print, and fragile books. We scan and capture the images even more carefully. 

Whether you need scanning pages in color, black & white, or grayscale (depending on the nature of the books, contents such as pictures, text, illustrations, drawings, etc.), we can do all that for you. Once scanned, it can then process and convert the books and other content into PDF, Text Searchable PDF, ASCII Text, MS Word, XML, HTML, and other formats. Now, you can transfer to a laptop, CD, USB, or other storage devices.

We Collect Your Books - Depending on where you are in the country, we will send an experienced courier to collect your book or collection of books from you when it's ready. Contact us if you need more information on our packaging services or archive box supplies.

Preparation of Book Scanning - When your book or collection arrives at our premises, the project manager assigned the task to one of the experienced rare book scanner experts. Now, we inspect each item to determine which format will be best for your provided materials. 

Scan and Digitize Your Books - We will scan each book or publication into the format that you choose. In cases where the book is primarily text-based, our manager will configure the OCR system in order to capture photographic elements to transfer the text to a computer file format of your choice.

Secure Delivery - Once the work is complete, we send you the digitized books in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, RTF/TEXT word, e-reader, or download from a secure FTP site or cloud platform.

Why Digitize your Book with eRecordsUSA?

If you choose to have your book scanned non-destructively, the book will remain completely intact and in virtually the same condition as it was at the time of scanning. You can rest assured that your expensive, delicate, old, or sentimentally valuable book will be treated with care during scanning.

Due to the specialist equipment used to capture the images, the quality of the scan produced is still very high despite not being separated from the book.

> Custom-Made Process To Scan Each Book - As soon as we receive your books, magazines, periodicals, and other publications, we will plan out the scanning process for each item individually. We often perform pre-scan repairs on historical or antique books to ensure the images we capture for conversion are of higher quality and are not obstructed by foreign objects or dirt.

> Our Book Scanning Equipment - As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality service, we continue to invest in high-speed scanners, overhead book scanners, image processing software, OCR software, and indexing software to make the work high-quality.

> Keep Them In the Same Condition - In addition to PDF, these books can also be scanned into editable formats such as MS Word. Books must remain in the same condition that they came to us in, and we can reduce the speed at which they are processed to ensure that they remain in that condition.

Hire Our Rare Book Scanning Services!

With years of expertise and knowledge, we have dealt with hundreds of rare and one-off books. eRecordsUSA is a 2007 ISO Certified, Govt. Approved Woman Owned Minority small business in san francisco, provides Document & Book Scanning Services. Throughout the book scanning process, you can be assured that your books will be treated with the utmost respect.

Please feel free to contact us if we may be of assistance with any of your information regarding rare book scanning services.



Rare Book Scanning FAQs


How do you scan old books?

Here are the following steps to scan an old book without damaging it:

1. We first wipe the dust and remove any inserts from books to prepare them for the scan. 
2. Now, move to the actual scanning process. And, capture all data and content of books.
3. When scanning, be careful not to overstretch the binding.
4. Prepare the book for storage after scanning. Make sure your scan is perfect to avoid future rescanning.
5. Now, move the digital files to storage devices in PDF and other formats.

Are you scanning books by yourself? Let us know if you need any assistance with this process and we'll do our best to help.

How much does it take to scan a book?

The time for book scanning varies, depending on the number of pages that need to be scanned and the method of scanning. Usually, the average time to scan a book is 5 - 6 working days. But, we can provide you with an estimate while hiring our services.

Occasionally, we accept urgent work, and most of the time we’ll not charge extra for this, especially if we can turn it around in time.

How do I turn a physical book into PDF?

Still, thinking of how to turn your delicate and old books into digital ones? Look no further, eRecordsUSA is here to assist you. 

We follow a proper rare book scanning method by maintaining the originality of the material and content. Through our effective equipment, such as OCR machines, we scan and capture every single data of each page. And then, we convert it to digital files like PDF, MS word, TIFF, etc.

If you need us, we'll help you by providing an in-depth guide on how to scan books without losing or damaging them. 

Will I receive my original material back?

Yes, you will! Let us know if you want your given materials like books, documents, and research papers back. We keep them safely with us and return back to you as per your demand.

Can I legally scan a book?

Yes, it's legal to scan books even if you don't own the copyright. Just let us know. We'll assist you in scanning, digitizing, and preservation of your books. Our experts even make your physical copies of content accessible on all devices whether you need it on your laptop, mobile phone, or desktop screen. All will be in your hands.


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