Digitizing Handwritten Journals

What should be done with handwritten journals or thesis? Is there any way to preserve them? Yes, there is!

By digitizing your journals into digital file formats, it becomes easy to manage and access them. At eRecordsUSA, we help our clients in converting printing or handwritten journals into an assortment of electronic formats with 100% accuracy. We have extensive experience in transcribing handwritten journals, books, documents, and other hard copies into PDFs and other formats. We even offer composite digitized handwritten solutions to meet different student needs since such data have their own importance.

Our team captures useful information from your handwritten note and stores it online/offline databases - so students can easily preserve their handwritten notes for future use. Through our quality document management and digitization services, our clients will get compressed, converted, and consolidated handwritten journals into digital formats.

Our Digitization Process For Handwritten Journals

Being a leading document scanning company in the USA, we have fully owned professional-grade scanning equipment, infrastructure, trained knowledgeable employees & large discreet secure facility to deliver highly accurate results. 

We handle the processes with the latest tools, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to achieve close to 100% accuracy in work. Moreover, our professionals use a simple, verified, and result-oriented process to meet clients' requirements.

Project Briefing - As a first step, we discuss the client's project requirements thoroughly and discuss priorities for executing the project.

Team Allocation - Depending on the client's needs, we assign the best-suited handwritten data entry expert to complete the task. In this way, maximum accuracy can be achieved within a short period of time.

Execution and Review - The handwritten journals data entry team begins work on the actual project after a small training session. To ensure maximum accuracy, QC teams check or review processed data.

Results Delivery - As soon as the quality checking process is complete, we deliver the results to you in whichever format/platform you prefer. You can receive your handwritten data entry services files via email, Google Drive, etc.

Reasons To Hire Digitizing Services 

eRecordsUSA is a document scanning company, having effective technical resources to capture journals' data. Our qualified and trained staff digitize the data into electronic formats, such as MS word or PDF. In the past 10+ years, we have successfully scanned several originals belonging to centuries starting from the 1700s all through the current.

Here are the following reasons to hire digitizing services.

Secure: Some digitized journals have a password lock facility that ensures your material remains secure. 

Flexible: Having a digital journal means getting the flexibility to access it either on your smartphone or iPad as per your needs.

Easier to Revise: Editing and revising typed text is usually easier.

Easier Sharing: Online journals make sharing easier.

Backing Up: Digital journals are easier to back up and archive and the content can be converted to other formats.

Graphic: Your digital diary allows you to paste pictures and text from other sources.

Why Outsource Digitizing Handwritten Journals Services to eRecordsUSA?

Hiring us as your digitizing handwritten journals providers, you not will only get quick and efficient services, but also receive cost-effective document scanning services. We analyze your specific requirements and provide you with the best possible solution in the shortest amount of time. In addition to helping our clients cut operating costs, we also help them improve the efficiency of handling business-related documents. 

Here are the following benefits you gain with us:

Quality Assurance: At eRecordsUSA, you will always receive high-quality services without any compromise. To avoid even the slightest chance of error, we perform quality checks after each process.

Flexibility in Data Acceptance & Delivery: We work in the most case-sensitive manner to transcribe any handwritten journal into electronic formats. Our team will proofread and edit files with the assurance of high-quality service.

High-Quality Processes: At eRecordsUSA, we adhere to meeting quality document management standards that conform to global standards.

Reduce Time and Effort: It is time-consuming and exhausting to manage large amounts of data. By outsourcing to eRecordsUSA, you eliminate that burden by allowing your offshore partner to handle it for you.

Keep Data Confidential: We maintain complete data confidentiality and information privacy.

Fast Turnaround: Our team takes full responsibility for handling bulk work before any deadline. Using the latest tools, we produce a million keystrokes per day, which further assure guaranteed services.

We are friendly, flexible, and committed to their tasks. So, rely on us and get digital formats of your journals with accuracy and quality. 


Opt for Our Digitizing Handwritten Journals Services

Look no further than eRecordsUSA if you're looking for reliable digitized handwritten solutions. Our data entry company has been providing data entry services for more than two decades.

For affordable costs, fast turnarounds, and accurate services, contact us today.


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