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Document Scanning Prices

Document Scanning Prices

Document Scanning Price | Cost of Document Scanning

eRecordsUsa offers one of the most competitive pricing for scanning documents, books, photos, blueprints and everything else. We specialize in scanning & imaging services, and we use a variety of high speed scanners and latest technology to provide quality scans, fast turn around time and aggressive pricing. The following estimated pricing are just a representation of our scanning prices. These may vary based on every unique scanning project. Call Toll Free @ 855-722-6669 OR Email us at info@eRecordsUsa.com, with details about your scanning project and we will provide a quick quote based on the type of documents to be scanned, required resolution, output formats desired, also whether OCR is required or not.

We offer convenient pick up and return of documents, so you don’t have to worry about hauling those boxes out of your office. We are insured, experienced and have hundreds of satisfied customers all across the Bay Area. Order document scanning and indexing services from the professionals. eRecordsUsa has many large corporations and local governments as customers in the SFBay Area & across the country. We have developed reputation for customer satisfaction, excellent work and favorable pricing.


All scanning is carried out in the USA at our SF Bay, California facility, by trained, experienced & verified employees only.


Our pricing per image for Document Scanning/ Indexing includes:

Scanning each page both images from both size. (No blank pages are scanned, only pages w/content captured)

  • Light document prepping is also included.
  • Each page is scanned and returned to the original documents/ file folder in the order it was provided.
  • Scanned files are created into PDF files, in Black & White @ 200 dpi resolution
  • Images are created either as single page or multi page PDF file format
  • Digital File/ Folder naming, as labeled.
  • Images are returned on a CD/DVD media
  • Minimum Volume is 2000 images, and lower volumes are subject to $100.00 minimum charge.


Document Scanning Prices
Scan Type Letter (8.5? x 11?) Legal (8.5? x 14?)
Number of Images Price /image Number of Images Price/image
Bi-tonal @ 200 dpi 100,000 and more $0.05 100,000 and more $0.06
50,000 and more $0.06 50,000 and more $0.07
10,000 and more $0.07 10,000 and more $0.08
5,000 and more $0.08 5,000 and more



Above prices may vary depending upon the nature and size of documents, type of scans, resolution requested, prepping required, nature & amount of indexing requirements, turn around needed and complexity of the project.


Simply put all your documents, into Standard Sized Banker Box ( 15?x12?x10?) and ship the same to us, or drop them to our facility,  if you have 10 +  and you are in SF Bay Area,  just let us know, we will even have the same picked up for free.


  • Pick the Boxes from your officeSort and Prep, Remove Staples and Clips
  • Scan at High Speed Scanners to PDF Files
  • Name and Index each files, just like you have them labelled on your folders
  • OCR your PDF files to make them Searchable
  • We can forward your scans in Secure DVD or Organize on Secure Online Archive
  • We will even shred your documents OR Return them to you.
  • Call Toll Free @ 855-722-6669 for One Fixed Flat box Pricing.


We know your photos are precious. That's why our digital imaging experts at our U.S. facility will carefully hand scan and color correct each photo one by one, and we will it fast within 2 weeks and cheap.  We are a professional scanning service, providing high resolution scanning services at very competitive prices.  Our service includes photo and slide scanning. All scanning is done in our facility in San Francisco bay Area. We never send your originals to another country. We understand the value you place on your precious memories, so we take extra measures to ensure that your original negatives, slides and prints are treated with the utmost care throughout the process and returned to you in the same condition in which they were received.

  • Photos up to 8.5×11. Color or B&W 600 dpi @ $0.39 per photo scanned.
  • Slides 35mm format, Color or B&W 2000 dpi @ $0.39 per slide scanned.
  • Negatives 35mm format, Color or B&W 2000 dpi @0.39 per negative scanned.


All the above scanning options include  Free cropping,  Free rotation, Free basic color correction, Free CD/DVDs.  Additional cost for extra copies.  We can scan photos in albums, by removing them or not. We can also scan larger sizes photos. We can provide higher pro resolutions.



All books can be scanned in either Destructive way OR Non Destructive way, the difference being the binding of the book is cut, the spine of the book is removed in the destructive process, and the books remains as they are, in the Non Destructive way and the book are returned in the same condition as received. We can also return the books with there spine cut, put together using rubber bands. We do scan the covers both front and back of the books whether paperback or hardcover, this is to ensure the scans look like the original books. No short cuts are used. Each and every scanned page is reviewed to ensure everything is in order and no pages are missed. We have no limitations on size of the books. We have been able to scan any size shape or type of book sent to us.

Our pricing book scanning services, are one of the most competitive in the US. We need 2 things to provide you with accurate estimate or quote, the total number of books to scan and an approximate number of pages in total. This will allow us to confirm an aggressive price quote based on your needs and also an accurate turn around time .

We charge our Book Scanning Services prices by Price Per Page Scanned. We also offer volume discounts, CONTACT US, with you specific need. Our prices start at as low as $0.06 per image & up for Destructive Scanning, and $0.10 per image & up for Non Destrucive Book Scanning.

NOTE:  The price may vary based on the condition of the books, such as torn pages, folded pages, dogged ears, if any special handling in needed. We scan all books at archival quality of 300 dpi resolution or more. Books are scanned in Bi tonal/ Gray scale or Color as requested, based on requirements.

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Document Scanning
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