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Historical document scanning, or historical document imaging, is the process of converting printed historical documents into digital files. The number of documents that need to be scanned and archived is enormous, yet the costs associated with running a scanning department can be too high for many institutions that wish to digitize their collections.

In the past, scanning historical documents may have been performed from photographs. However, today, there are many ways to digitize historical documents. Some of these include using optical character recognition software, barcode scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or converting paper documents into word processing files for conversion into digital images.

The idea of preserving historical documents by scanning them into digital format has become an important part of the project management process. This can be accomplished through various methods and in various ways to ensure that our digital copies are as accurate as possible. 

What Is Historical Document Scanning and Digitization?

Original historical documents are irreplaceable and valuable. For years, libraries and government offices struggle to physically archive them. Scanning and digitizing these precious records help in protecting and circulateing them. In most cases, historical documents, records, and texts are old and fragile. Scanning and digitizing these old documents is essential to capture and preserve the history and information they contain.

Rare Books, written records / documents, old pictures, official documents, and architectural drawings are considered historical documents. From ancient times, libraries have been preserving physical copies of historical documents. The preservation cost is too high. Moreover, there is a high risk of damage. The historical document scanning process is not only used to scan the old documents records but also edits and repairs the damaged document to get a clear scanned image.

At eRecordsUSA, we use image-enhancing, repairing, and editing tools to provide a quality digital copy of historical documents. This way, we help the libraries to circulate the old or rare documents by converting them into digital formats. These digital formats help in creating digital libraries using templates.

Digitization of Historical Documents - How Does it Work?

The scanning and digitizing of historical documents process are done in three stages.

Stage 1: Preparation and Scanning

The process starts with preparing the documents to scan by checking their readability condition. If it’s good then using a high-quality scanner, careful scanning of each document is done. Resolution, lighting, and accuracy are important factors o consider while scanning each page.

Historical documents are available in different sizes. Large format items such as maps and legal documents are placed on specialty flatbed scanners.

After scanning, the images are carefully inspected and quality assured.

eRecordsUSA has a setup that can quickly review the scanned images. If any page gets missing or torn or stuck, the cameras can detect that and you get an immediate notification. That’s our differentiator.

We can precisely and accurately create quality scanned images  After the scan is complete, the scanned documents are checked again especially vintage photos and maps (large formats) sometimes need editing and image enhancement.

Stage 2: Cleanup and Digitization

If the images are not clear, the cleanup process starts. It includes editing and image licensing using advanced tools. Sometimes, you need to enlarge historical documents to get a clear scanned image. After the cleanup process is complete. the scanned documents are stored in digital formats by adjusting the size, visibility, and resolution

Stage3: OCR Extraction of text

Sometimes historical documents contain valuable text and information that needs preservation. Data security becomes important in such cases. An advanced OCR scanner is used to extract the information from historical documents and then preserved it.

OCR scanners recognize low-confidence characters to highlight them to get a clear image. Sometimes a project requires additional checking, or even word-by-word proofing, which can be done on multiple levels. However, for historical document scanning, simple OCR scanning is a preferred technique. It saves the cost of proofreading the scanned data again and again 


Historical Document Scanning with eRecordsUSA

With great care, experience, and highly specialized equipment, we provide high-quality digitization of documents. With proven expertise, we have completed numerous historical document scanning projects. eRecordsUSA is an ISO/ISMS Certified Women-owned San Francisco Document Scanning and Imaging Company.

We have modern scanners to capture and archive historical documents at the highest possible quality. We have completed complex historical documentation projects having the most fragile of texts. New techniques like OCR scanning of historical documents help to extract information from valuable documents and make them accessible online. This helps in indexing and digitizing historical documents easily.

Our state-of-the-art facility has all of the necessary security measures to ensure your precious documents are safe. We provide historical document scanning & digitizing services with budget-friendly options. Special offers are given for bulk scanning projects. Custom scanning of historical documents including large formats is our expertise. 



You can request a quote and get started with the historical document scanning project to keep the legacy of preserving historical documents active!

eRecordsUSA is an 2007 ISO Certified Govt. Approved Woman Owned Minority small business in SF Bay Area, provides Document & Book Scanning Services. eRecordsUSA is specialized in providing Document Scanning Services, Document Imaging Services, Blueprint Scanning Services, Document Digitizing Services, Document Archival Services, Document Archiving Services and more.

Would you like to receive a free quote for Bulk Document Scanning Service? Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at info@eRecordsUSA.com.

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