Legal Document Scanning Services

Legal Document Scanning Services


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Law firms and attorneys' offices look forward to converting their physical documents into digital formats. They need scanning, storage, and retrieval of large volumes of paperwork regularly. Legal document scanning services scan and digitize legal documents using high-resolution scanners.

The aim is to obtain digital copies of the law-related documents. They are indexed, shared and stored, maintaining confidential information.

The complexity of content and data management is high in legal document scanning as compared with normal scanning tasks. A well-thought strategy and smooth processing can quickly locate critical documents whenever you require them. The legal document scanning service providers provide ultra-secure services without causing any distortion to original legal documents.

eRecordsUSA helps in Digitizing Litigation/ Legal Documents for many Law offices. We scan case files and legal documents of various types including, but not limited to: Affidavits, Briefs & Contracts, Memorandums, Court Transcripts, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Litigation, Medical Records & x-rays, Historical Books, etc

Best Legal Document Scanning Services


All law offices and legal departments generate a massive amount of paperwork. Some of this can be discarded, but a great deal must be preserved, organized, and then used at a later date. The challenge here is that hard copy legal documents require an immense amount of space, degrade over time, and can be difficult to organize. At eRecordsUSA, we have decades of experience working with clients throughout the legal industry to provide essential legal document scanning services.

Few professionals work with more paperwork than attorneys and other individuals in law-related fields. Many of our clients come to us needing a reliable and secure legal document scanning service to create a paperless law office.

At eRecordsUSA, we have been helping law offices digitize their legal documents for many years now. During this time, we have perfected our document scanning procedures and we have acquired all of the latest scanning technologies.

Law firms prefer utilizing our legal document scanning services time and again because we are dedicated to providing secure, cost-efficient, prompt and flexible solutions. Thanks to our experience and our innovative equipment, we are prepared to provide scans of everything from contracts to architectural plans, and other unique materials your case files might contain. We can assist in digitizing and scanning many type of legal records such as Affidavits,  Briefs & Contracts, Memorandums, Court Transcripts, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Litigation, Medical Records & x-rays, Historical Books, Blueprints & Drawings, Microfilm & Microfiche, Photographs & Film. 


During the digitization process, security is one of the main challenges legal departments and law firms face. When scanning, digitizing sensitive documents, it’s crucial not to lose any document. Also, the authorization to access is given only to the core team. Despite all efforts, digitizing legal documents face some severe challenges. Some of them are:

Meeting compliance requirements
Storing and sharing records
Information access and retrieval
Remote and secure access to information

The only way to overcome these challenges is to outsource the scanning work to top scanning agencies that can efficiently scan legal documents. The next step is to deploy an operational document management system to make legal documents accessible from anywhere, at any time, even on the go!


Many of our clients are law firms that were tired of taking care of then own law office scanning needs. These clients found that they were wasting too much of their time trying to scan legal documents, often not able to achieve the desired results using conventional scanners.

By enlisting the help of eRecordsUSA, you can focus your time and attention on your clients while we focus on creating electronic documents for you. This saves you time, and also eliminates the need for your office to invest in scanning equipment. By digitizing your legal documents, we can benefit your law office scanning in many often-surprising ways. The most obvious benefit of document scanning services is that you will be able to eliminate filing cabinets and free up office space.

eRecordsUSA can also make it easier for you to sort and find the information you need. Your recently scanned or existing electronic documents can be tagged, labeled and formatted to be highly searchable, revolutionizing the way you work.

Digitizing legal documents offers a broad range of benefits for legal offices and law firms. At eRecordsUSA, our advanced technology allows us to do more than merely create a digital image of a document. All words can be added to descriptive data to make the entire thing searchable via your network.


At eRecordsUSA, we do provide a one–time batch scanning legal service or ongoing services. We facilitate the conversion and management of important legal documents. We can scan the faded, raptured, and delicate legal documents and convert them into compressed digital formats.

Paper sorting, initial scanning preparation, editing, indexing, and transferring them in secure digital space are included in our services. Also, we ensure a safe return of the legal documents back to your location. Sometimes, organizations like to destroy physical copies. In such cases, we have the paper shredding service to safely destroy the legal documents. Additionally, we offer attractive deals to our clients with the following benefits

Our digital scanning and storage provide disaster protection for your important documents.
We help law firms and attorneys to remove their office clutter so that they can run a virtual cost-saving business.
We have the high-quality scanners to quickly handle large-scale legal scanning projects with perfection and a higher level of accuracy
Outsourcing the legal scanning task to us can easily convert legal documents onsite in case the law firm is not willing to transport the documents due to stringent compliance.

We also handle large back-file scanning projects as well as day-forward scanning of incoming documents like inbound mails.


The law firms are getting digital and they like to abandon the old physical storage methods. It will save human resources as well as saving the cost and hassles of storage. Moreover, for making the legal documents sharable, the process becomes mandatory.Now the task is to choose a legal scanning service to provide an economical solution.

At eRecordsUSA, we start the scanning task with the preparation and allocating a dedicated team. The team will take the time to sort, repair, and prepare documents for scanning. Data scanning is done with state-of-the-art scanners that are meant to handle large quantities of paper. Our legal document scanning team  has experts at managing sensitive data.

We have the expertise to deal with legal document scanning. that can stay up to the minute on compliance laws and up to the standards of the legal industry.
We also index your documents and digitize them to make them searchable on the web. If you choose document hosting and cloud storage, your data will be securely encrypted, yet ready at your fingertips. If you prefer to manage data on your own, your documents can be loaded to a private drive that will be entirely in your control.

If you are ready for the digitization of legal documents, It’s the right time to contact a scanning and digitizing agency like ours. Take a free estimate of our customized legal scanning services. Gear up to convert your law firm or legal department to a paperless setup. 

In addition, legal document scanning ensures that you are able to immediately locate any record or document, increases security and confidentiality, improves your customer service, and also allows you to transform space previously used to store physical records. Contact us today to learn more about how our legal document scanning service can benefit you.

To receive a free quote, call us at +1.510.900.8800 or eMail us now. eRecordsUSA is provide its services to customers accross US States.  eRecordsUSA is an 2007 ISO Certified Govt. Approved Woman Owned Document Scanning Company in SF Bay Area, provides Document & Book Scanning Services.



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