Magazine Archival Services

Magazine Archival Services

Digital Magazine Archival Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

As far back as the 1600s, magazines have been a way for people to share information, news, and opinions about specific topics. Themed more carefully than a newspaper, but longer than a pamphlet, magazines often connect people who have similar interests or live in similar places, through the articles, photographs, and letters included within the pages. For these reasons, magazines can often be considered historical documents that should be preserved. If you work for or run a magazine, or are a collector of magazines, there may come a time when you wish to hire a digital magazine archival services.

Magazine Archival Services in San Francisco

Preserving your magazines takes a lot more than just keeping them in a box so they won’t get bent. Magazines are usually printed on glossy, photograph-like paper, which can very quickly become warped or damaged. A magazine archival service will be able to store your magazine in an acid-free sleeve, and then inside a safe place that is protected from natural disaster.

Digital archives are becoming very popular as well. In fact, you can now find National Geographic magazine articles dating back to the year 1888 online. The Atlantic has back issues stored in an online archive going back to 1857. These archives are largely maintained by the companies themselves. If you don’t have that kind of manpower or time, magazine archival services can often create a searchable digital archive of your magazine for you. You can then easily share this with subscribers or long-time readers, and look back over the growth and success of your business.

While the age of the printed book might be dying, magazines don’t appear to be going anywhere soon. Even eZines need to ensure that their back issues are archived and safe for future use. The right magazine archival services can help you keep your history safe.

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