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Microfilm/ Microfiche are storage mediums to store information and records. Typically, microfilm is a roll while microfiche is cards containing information and records. Modern digitization methods ensure the conversion of the most troublesome microfiche and microfilm into digital copies (PDF, Tiff, or JPEG)

High-quality digital images allow the data, images, and graphs to create sharable copies. These digital copies are indexed and stored on the shared platforms. Mekel MACH7 Scanner is used to convert various types of microfilm & it is capable of achieving FADGI star ratings.

What is Microfilm Scanning?

Microfilm scanning is an important process that is used to digitize old documents and images. It is a quick, easy and affordable way to preserve your valuable memories and documents.

Microfilm scanning is a process by which digital images of scanned film can be converted to a digital format. This technology is often used in archives, libraries, and museums to preserve historic documents. Microfilm scanning allows you to capture images of documents and images on microfilm. This technology can be used to preserve historical records, images, and other important documents.

Microfilm was actually created in the 1880s. Overtime the technology of creating, preserving, and accessing microfilm drastically improved. However, 140 years of developments have left a hodgepodge of different types of microfilm. Microfilm is typically kept on rolls or in film canisters. It comes in 16 or 35-millimeter rolls that can have a single row of images (simplex) or a double row of images (duplex). Sometimes the images are positive, like photographs, and sometimes they are negative, like x-rays. And sometimes, though not always, the microfilm is blipped, which is to say that little rectangles run along the edges of the film to help viewers keep track of where they are on the roll.

To view the images on microfilm, you need a microfilm reader. This is a device that enlarges the microscopic image of the film to at least 100% of the image’s original size. Microfilm readers, like the film itself, have gone through several generations of changes. Few microfilm readers are capable of enlarging every type of microfilm.

What is Microfiche Scanning?

Microfiche scanning is a process of capturing images of large pieces of microfilm using a scanner. Microfiche scanning is used to preserve documents that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to digitize. Microfiche scanning is a technology that allows you to capture images and information on microfilm. This technology is used to preserve important documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses.

Microfiche scanning is a process of converting paper documents into digital images. Microfiche scanners are used in libraries, archives, and other institutional settings to preserve and make accessible historic records.

Rather than being stored on a roll or a cassette like microfilm, microfiche is a rectangular sheet that has the same sort of microscopic images that have been cut into strips and placed in sleeves that run across the sheet. Again, there is no uniformity to this process as the size of the sheets and the number of images per sheet can vary. Just as with microfilm, images on a sheet may be positive, they may be negative, or they may be mixed.

Microfiche readers are more uniform in their function. Instead of a roll that must be maneuvered back and forth, the microfiche reader can scan across the entire field of sheet.

Why You Should Convert Microfilm & Microfiche to Digital Documents?

Documents, records, reports, statistical information, manuscripts are placed on microform because they are regarded as valuable. If you, as a manager or an administrator, an archivist or a teacher, a researcher or a historian, believe that the information stored on microfiche and microfilm is important, then you should consider scanning the film and converting it to digital files with multiple copies saved in the cloud and external locations as well.

Consider that, at present, if you have important data stored on microform, you very likely have only one copy of that data. If it’s lost, it’s perpetually lost. If, on the other hand, you decide to scan your microfilm and microfiche files and save them digitally, you’ll always at least have a backup copy, just in case the film doesn’t last for 500 years.

Main Services offered by eRecordsUSA

We provide quality microfilm microfiche scanning services for all industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and so on. Our scanning service covers all popular/mainframe formats (e.g. CRUMBIC, ANSI, ARMA, or UNISET) and computer formats (ASCII).

At eRecordsUSA, we do microfilm, Microfiche / aperture card scanning & digitization with image enhancement  capabilities including:

Microfiche Scanning

< All standard/long jacket fiche types plus: COM; AB Dick; Ultra Fiche; Microx
< 16mm or 35mm (or combo)
< Positive or negative
< Diazo, Silver, Vesicular formats
< Duplicates
< Bitonal output to: TIFF (G3, G4) and PDF (all single/multi);  PDF/A
< Grayscale output to uncompressed TIFF/JPEG (true 256 shades of gray); JPEG 2000; PDF (single/multi-page); PDF/A

Microfilm Scanning

< 100’, 215’ and 1,000’ rolls; ANSI, M-types and open spools
< 16mm and 35mm
< Positive or negative
< Silver, Diazo and Vesicular formats
< Bi-tonal output to: TIFF (G3, G4) and PDF (all single/multi);  PDF/A
< Grayscale output to: uncompressed TIFF/JPEG (true 256 shades of gray); JPEG 2000; PDF (single/multi-page); PDF/A

Microfilm and microfiche were wonderfully useful necessities. In this age of high-speed digital scanning, cloud storage, and the instantaneous transfer of data, microform can step aside and allow the next technological generation to get to work recording and preserving the data that is so important.

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eRecordsUSA is an ISO/ISMS Certified Small Minority & Woman-owned business, based in San Francisco Bay Area , Northern California. We offer scalable microfiche / microfilm scanning services at an expert level. This year we have adopted Mekel scanners for producing ultra-high quality scanned digital copies.

We have been providing clients with document scanning and data entry services in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade.
< We have a dedicated team of professionally skilled technicians to convert microfiche and microfilm.
< We begin the process of scanning your roll / fiches to produce high-resolution digital scans (400-600 DPI).
< The digital formats we generally use are TIFF, JPEG, or PDF

To do the indexing and create a searchable catalog, the images are converted into retrievable formats. The digital images are then stored on the cloud or a personal soft copy is provided to the client using a digital storage medium(USB, DVD, etc.). We are known for paying attention to minute details ensuring 100% conversion from cards or rolls. 

Outsourcing your microfilm/microfiche project to us will provide easy, hassle-free, and cost-effective scanning and digitization. You can rely on our services. 

To receive a free quote Call +1.855.722.6669 or eMail us at info@eRecordsUSA.com now or eMail us Here

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