eRecordsUsa specializes in scanning every type of book imaginable for schools, universities, publishing houses, libraries, businesses, writers and private citizens.

You can have your books scanned in color or black and white, with or without illustrations, and stored on CD/DVD or online.

We scan books in two ways:

Destructive Book Scanning

The destructive method is most appropriate when your main concern is preserving the information that the book contains, as opposed to the book itself. The spine is cut, and the pages removed and scanned in an ADF scanner. Then, the pages are shredded.

This is a very cost-effective way of archiving text and images, as well as conserving space. For example, a school or university may wish to make information available to its students without devoting valuable space to multiple copies of texts, theses, and other information that has no inherent physical value, but a great deal of value in terms of information. It’s also useful for private citizens who want to preserve, in readable format, the works of an author they love so that they can return to the books again and again, while freeing up space in the home for other uses.

Non-Destructive Book Scanning

The non-destructive method leaves the books intact. This method is used most commonly by schools, universities and libraries, when the book itself has value – perhaps it’s rare – but the information still needs to be imparted widely. Digitizing means that the book can be delivered to a number of people, but the book itself is protected from excessive handling. It’s also appropriate for private citizens who may have a book that they love to read over and over, but which has sentimental value – they can read to their heart’s content without damaging the book by handling it excessively.

With this method, the book is scanned and digitized, and then stored on CD/DVD or in the cloud. The book itself is returned, intact, to the owner.

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