Archival Digitization Services

Archival Digitization Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Physical archives take up a great deal of space, require significant care and protection, and cost you money. at erecordsusa, we offer an archival digitization services that ensures you’re able to avoid those problems.

Benefits of archives digitization services 

We use advanced scanning technology that allows us to digitize almost any type of archived information. from flat-bed scanners to book edge scanners and everything in between, we provide the means to capture the essence of your archive and then digitize it.

However, it’s more than just creating a digital image of your records and documents. ocr (optical character recognition) technology means that every word and letter within your archives is capture and searchable.

The benefits offered by our archives digitization service include:


  • Protecting rare or one-of-a-kind documents
  • Ensuring access and shareability of information over digital platforms
  • Preserving information for future use
  • Eliminating the cost of archive storage
  • Ensuring that information is protected from damage or loss
  • The ability to use office space for other purposes

We have worked with a wide range of clients to digitize their archives, including colleges and universities, collectors, families, businesses, historical organizations, libraries, and many more. we also work with all types of archives, from books and magazines, to newspapers, photos, film, microfilm and microfiche and even loose papers.

Contact us today to learn more about our archives digitization service and how it can benefit you.

eRecordsUSA is specialized in providing document scanning services in san francisco ca. would you like to receive a free quote to archive your books? call +1.855.722.6669 or email us at 

eRecordsUSA offer book archival services in following areas of california, redwood city, santa clara, silicon valley, mountain view, san francisco, san jose, sunnyvale, san mateo, marin east bay: milpitas, contra costa, oakland, pleasanton, fremont, hayward, concord, livermore, alameda, san ramon, dublin, napa valley: pittsburg, sonoma, santa rosa, fairfield, vallejo, petaluma, solano & martinez.



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