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Depending on the nature of your business, you may be able to use a barcode font to type codes into barcode format on your document as needed. Barcode fonts can be purchased or downloaded for free. They can also be found in retail office supply stores. The most efficient solution is to use a barcode font, which enables you to input a sequence of characters or numbers into a bar code using the standard keyboard. You can find many such fonts online, both those that are purely decorative and those that match specific industry standards.

When scanning a backlog of files that are printed out, it may be difficult to add barcodes to the existing pages. You can avoid this difficulty by applying barcode marked stickers onto a blank area on the first page of each document.

As business documents have various formats, scanning tasks require expert level skills, setup and software. Scanning your business documents is covered under a professional barcode document scanning solutions. The process covers scanning, digitizing, indexing and digital filing of documents.

As a reliable document scanning service provider you must look for the companies with secure digital document conversion processes. Barcode scanning can scan large volumes of documents in seconds. Whether you have physical papers , fragile copies of documents , a trustworthy document scanning company securely scans paper documents and manually index them into the  database for optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities.





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Using barcodes to organize your documents can be an excellent choice. Not only does this method become more efficient with greater speed and accuracy, but it is easier than it seems.

The whole process of converting physical documents into digital format is beneficial for small to big enterprises. Ultimately, the organizations communicate with each other using digital formats therefore converting paper documents into digital copies are more of a compulsion than a choice The scanning and document management using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is the latest way of easily creating a digital database of documents.

OCR intelligently recognizes the digital pictures and turns them into text documents to allow keywords search within a document. There are several reasons to opt for a barcode scan that can improve your business productivity.

Improve Document Sharing: Scanned Images are easily shareable. Moreover, OCR tools allow extracting text from scanned images so that the pages are indexed and shared with others easily. The overall process improves workflow efficiency.

Cost Efficiency: Digitize your documents and store them in an onsite server or in the cloud rather than paying for costly onsite storage. The average cost of storing scanned pages reduces to one-third the cost of storing in physical formats.

Simplify collaboration Many document management systems allow multiple users to edit electronic files. Working on the shared business data is always a tedious task that is actualized using digital editing tools.




Barcodes are grouped into two general categories: one-dimensional (1D) barcodes and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes.

One-dimensional barcodes are composed of lines of varying widths and distances from each other, such as the Universal Product Code (UPC) that is scanned from your purchases using a laser barcode reader at most stores.

Matrix barcodes typically consist of a square or rectangular arrangement of smaller squares, circles, or triangles distributed over an area that is greater than would be possible with only linear barcodes. However, barcode scanners are not designed to read matrix barcodes with the same effectiveness as linear barcodes.

Some document scanning standards have additional features, such as a checksum that verifies whether or not a barcode was read correctly. The most common standards used in the document scanning business are listed below.

1D Barcode standards include:Codabar - 
2 of 5
Code 39
Code 128
EAN 13

2D Barcode standards include -
QR Code


Why hire a professional agency for scanning barcode in documents?


When you consider working with a professional scanning service, you might think of the higher cost. In reality, scanning project outsourcing is much better than doing it in-house. You might exhaust your core employees' strength by assigning additional document scanning tasks.

Typically, a scanning project might include scanning various types of documents such as large format documents, bills, invoices, medical records, and so on.
When you get the scanning and digitization job done by a scanning company, it has a positive impact on your business. Here are some of the reasons to hire a professional scanning agency.

  • Bulk document scanning requires document preparation and consumes a lot of time. So, companies having old data to scan and digitize must consider the agency providing quick services nearby your area.
  • The scanned documents are easy to reference, organize and protect the integrity of your files.
  • The indexing helps in managing the scanned data in an order that is searchable and easily shareable.
  • The digital formats eliminate the usage of record filing cabinets thus freeing your office from physical storage.
  • Choosing the top-rated scanning agency will ensure high quality, accuracy, and timely scanning of documents. These agencies make use of document management software to ensure the best outcome.


It is recommended that choosing a professional document scanning agency will provide guaranteed quality, time, and cost-saving solutions without investing in buying modern scanners and other hardware/ software setup.


What makes eRecordsUSAthe best barcode scanning service in San Francisco CA?


We're an expert high-volume document scanning and digitizing company having ISO- ISM certification working with women minorities. Our team is HIPAA-compliant to ensure your information is handled and stored applying the best industrial practices especially for the medical record scanning .
Our document scanning services allow businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes to reap the benefits of executing fast and accurate digital conversions.


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When you choose eRecordsUSA as your document scanning partner, we ensure 100% security by maintaining privacy and confidentiality of business data. We do use advanced security techniques like digital signatures, encryption/decryption, etc. to create authenticated digital copies of your business records.
For your next barcode document scanning project, feel free to call us. You can chat with our marketing team to know more about our barcode document scanning services!

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