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What Are Document Shredding Services?

Document Shredding Services, also known as “shredding documents,” is the process of destroying paper documents securely, one at a time. Doing so protects your important information from falling into the wrong hands and allows you to prevent unwanted access to your private documents by unauthorized people. As nothing can be 100% secure for long, document shredding needs to be done with proper planning and care.

As organizations face storage issues and other document maintenance issues, it is vital to shred or destroy unwanted files. Also, for sustainable growth of the company, it is important to use digital storage techniques by scanning the physical files and converting them into digital copies.

Once the files are converted into digital formats, the companies should destroy the physical copies that are not so important. However, shredding or destroying old files is a sensitive process and detailed scrutiny of files is required before destroying them.

The shredding process includes the conscious management of information in a meaningful and measurable way. It helps in maintaining an eco-friendly environment by removing unwanted storage.

However, maintaining the security and integrity of data to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents is required.

What To Expect From A Paper Shredding Service?

Along with the process of freeing up the space and destroying the information contained in pages is the expected outcome from a professional shredding service.

As a result of the shredding process, the shredded documents are recycled. Some of the types of documents for which you can choose a shredding service are:bank statements, financial records, old tax forms, canceled checks, confidential letters, legal documents, old medical records, Organizational Data of old employees and day-to-day working, Any other document currently not in use.

However, the direct data resources which can’t be destroyed using shredding device are Hard Drives, Media Files, X-Rays, Credit Cards, ID Badges, Banners and flexes.

Choose Us for Paper Shredding Services & Document Destruction

Professional paper shredding companies offer a variety of facilities to business groups such as security, environmentally friendly disposal, and compliance with the Data Protection Act. 

Law firms, educational facilities, credit sources, medical practices, or other organizations are required to handle the shredding process with utmost care which is an extra task for them.


At first, it seems easy to buy a quality shredding machine and do it yourself but eventually, you need to hire an agency that can do the shredding regularly and effectively without creating hassles in the organization. Professional shredding agencies can save time, cost, and company resources. Here are some of the biggest factors to weigh in on when hiring an agency for document shredding.

Ensured Security - The best shredding agencies maintain transparency, quality, and effective communication while carrying out the shredding tasks. A complete index of shredded documents is provided to avoid confusion.

More convenient - The agencies provide pickup service from your organization to shred the documents. Outsourcing the shredding projects are more convenient  and it takes minutes to shred the large volumes of data

Compliance With Federal / State Privacy Laws - Professional agencies follow all federal and state privacy laws and work in full compliance with their guidelines. Quality shredding machines have the provision to shred the paper in such a way that it can be recycled.

eRecordsUSA Ensures Secure Paper Shredding Services

eRecordsUSA is an ISO/ISMS Certified Small Minority & Women-owned document management agency, based in SFBay Area, Northern California. The company works in compliance with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) standards.

These standards allow you to adopt ethical methods to maintain data security for data and information disposal. The documents are screened and carefully checked before shredding.

We provide scanning and destroying services by maintaining the privacy and security of data. We have experience in handling large volumes of data to completely digitize it with our high-quality advanced scanners. Once scanned, if you don’t like to maintain the hard copies, we can destroy them using the shredding machines.

Our shredding process is simple and provides cost-effective solution to shred the documents:

  • Schedule an appointment and know about the shredding services
  • Choose the service either one time shredding or regular shredding
  • Prepare an index of documents that are ready for disposal
  • Quality shredding using high quality machines that can recycle paper.

Are you looking for an easy way to manage your sensitive paperwork? Scan your documents, store them in digital form on a drive or in the cloud, and then dispose of the hard copies with eRecordsUSA. We provide one-time shredding or regular shredding service to our clients.

All the work is done at our conversion center in Fremont, CA. Over 10 years, we have handled many scanning, storing, and shredding projects for various industries handling their large volumes of data. Get a quote or consult our team to know more about our document shredding service!

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