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What is Digital Family History Library? 

Every family has its personal history and old memories that are captured in photos, microfilms, tapes,slides and so on. Creating digital copies of the old photos and storing them in a web-accessible platform is known as a digital family history library. The main motive of digitizing old photos is to preserve the memories for future generations and preserve them from disaster. 

Why Should You Outsource digital library Task? 

It is not easy to convert physical copies into digital photos as most of the old photos are faded or distorted. Before a high-quality digital copy is created, the old photographs are analyzed and edited. The process is carried out efficiently by professional agencies.Digitization of family photos is done using quality scanners. There are several reasons for outsourcing the digital library project to a professional agency.

Some of the reasons for outsourcing the library creation work are -
A professional agency will tag, arrange, edit and collect a library using templates that are easy to upload. 

The historical photos are distorted and restoration requires photo editing skills. Moreover, if you have the photos in bulk, then hiring a scanning and digitizing company is a  hassle-free solution.

Creating creative family libraries is an art. High-level scanning, photo editing tools, digital storage templates, and other tools and techniques help to create a mesmerizing digital library. Only professional companies have the resources to have this kind of setup. It is always better to outsource the work for the quality conversion of photos. 

One of the purposes to create a family library carrying old photos is to share the old memories with friends and relatives.

Creating an easy process for online platforms for a perfect family library is a tedious process. Sometimes the enhancing and enlarging tools or natural photo coloring tools are used. Let the experts do this work for you.

You must be expecting an attractive, appealing, and informative family library with minimum flaws. To do so, outsourcing to a photo scanning company can make your photos look real and significant.

What process at eRecordsUSA do we follow for digitizing old family photos? 

Family history is like telling a story to the younger generations. Arranging the photos in order, tagging them, scanning and digitizing them to store them appropriately is the purpose. The professional agency provides a budget-friendly option to scan and digitize old photos and convert them into a family library.

It is always convenient to outsource the scanning project for expecting high-quality results. The process followed at eRecordsUSA comprises the following steps

Step 1: Gathering the old photos which are scattered or framed or damaged.Placing them in order (year or event-wise). 

Step 2: Arrange the old photos to create a story. A library can have a limited number of photos therefore selection of photos takes time.  

Step 3: The present photos undergo a quality check. If restoration is required then before scanning the photos, they are restored using the advanced level tools. Once the photos are ready for scanning they are scanned by choosing the best resolution to do a quality scan.

Step 4; The digital copies thus created are used to create a custom photo book online.

We use new digitizing technologies to make the process easier with a lesser turnaround time. There are many online platforms providing free templates to create a family library but if you have a bulk collection and looking for quality work, hiring a professional agency like eRecordsUSA is the best option.

We are a top-rated scanning company supporting all the media formats such as slides, photo albums, prints, home videos, negatives, etc.) . We offer flexible digital options including cloud storage and online sharable media files. The scanning process is done by setting a high resolution of photos more than 300 dpi or higher. Creating custom collage layouts describing each photo with captions, date, location, and background story is our expertise.

How eRecordsUSA Can Help You With Image Restoration Services?

Sharing a digital family history library on a family occasion is the best gift to unite the family. Let each member feel cherished seeing these old photos and recall their memories. Start collecting all your old, damaged, inaccurate, faded, and unappealing photos and hire us to convert them into a library. We assure quality scanning and digitization with cost-effective packages. 


At eRecordsUSA, our photo restoration experts create the best digital versions of your photos before and after completing the photo restoration process. We also provide photo enlarging and framing services.
If you are looking for a family photo library service, get connected with our team. We are ISO-ISM certified scanning and digitizing agency known for doing quality work within a time frame, You may ask for a free quote! 

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