Genealogy Digitizing Services

Genealogy Digitizing Services

Genealogy Digitizing Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

If you’ve been busy spending countless hours collecting information about your family history, then you obviously want to ensure that you store the information in the best possible way. Usually you’re dealing with documents that can be up to a couple of hundred years old, making them discolored, fragile, and they may even have tears. We’ll take a look at the top ways to store this family information, including the top suggestion of investing in genealogy digitizing services.

Best Genealogy Digitizing Services

Consider genealogy digitizing services. With this document scanning services you can take all the material you’ve collected (photos, notes, letters, and documents) and have them professional scanned. This will give you a digital copy of your family history which will resist wear and tear, unlike the paper version. As well you’ll be able to share the content with other family members since it is in digital form. Some professional services are able to offer such crisp and clear document scanning that it may end up looking better than the original.

Keep all the material away from light, as even indirect light will damage the material over time. The older the pieces are, the more vulnerable they are to the light.

Humidity is the enemy, so you want to keep your papers in a moisture-free environment. Think cool and dry, as these are the best storage conditions.

When you are touching the papers and photos make sure your hands are clean, dry, and don't have any type of cream/moisturizer on them. Moisturizer and cream will begin to break down the paper.

While there are chemical products available that claim to help preserve your documents, you are always taking a chance with these working properly and not damaging the information in the process.

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Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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