Document Archival Services

Document Archival Services

Digital Document Archival Service San Francisco Bay Area, California

When you think of document archival service, you probably picture delicate historical documents being handled with gloved hands and carefully stored in fire-proof safes. It’s true that there is such a type of archiving, but it’s not the only way documents are preserved these days. Digital documents can be archived as well.

Magazine Archival Services San Francisco Bay Area, California

Why would anyone need digital document archival services? The digital world is only marginally safer than the physical world. While your documents won’t burn in a fire or suffer from a flood or ceiling leak, they could be lost in a massive server upset. They could be accidentally deleted in a data transfer. They could be stolen by a gifted hacker who bypassed your security protocol. For these reasons, a digital document archival service can be a life saver.

Another reason many people may want to create a digital archive is to backup physical documents. It’s always safer to use many methods of document archival services when preserving information. If something were to happen to an original document, it’s good to know that the information is preserved elsewhere.

A digital archive can be as simple as a copy of your files, photos, scans, or other documents saved on a flash drive, and kept in a fire safe box. It can also be kept in a document storage service, like Dropbox, or stored with a specific document archival service that has secured, encrypted space to store your documents. No matter which method you choose, backups should be done regularly, because data can corrupt over time.

A digital archive also allows you interact with and share the information without having to disturb a historical document. There are many ways to ensure that your historically important digital files can be saved from computer failure or hacking, making it easy for you to access information whenever you need it.

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Document Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Document Scanning Services
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