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Mortgage Documents Scanning Services

Mortgage Documents Scanning Services

Mortgage Documents Scanning Services in San Francisco Bay Area

Mortgage documents can comprise huge volumes of paper, and for that reason, many lenders now prefer to have their documents scanned as opposed to occupying myriad boxes in an office or storage facility. At eRecordsUsa, we have years of experience in converting paperwork into digital files, and we understand the need for confidentiality.

Our staff members are fully vetted, bondable, and bound by strict non-disclosure agreements. Our mortgage documents scanning service experts have worked with numerous clients in the field of home loans and mortgages, enabling them to focus on growing their business while we handle their document storage needs.

Best Mortgage Documents Scanning Services
Mortgage Document Management & Scanning Services

We scan, index, and store both archived and current records for -

  • Banks and other lenders
  • Title insurance firms
  • Underwriters
  • Realtors
  • Loan processors
  • Buyers and sellers
  • County recorders
  • Loan processors
  • County Recorders

Mortgage Documents Scanning Services in San Francisco

We guarantee near 100% accuracy, and HIPAA level security. Our mortgage documents scanning services include:
  • Data capture
  • A/P invoice processing
  • Data capture and imaging of mortgage documents
  • OCR conversion
  • Web based/online data entry
  • Text/PDF conversion
  • Title Documents Indexing/Capture
  • We capture document numbers and types, grantor and grantee information, recording dates etc.
  • At eRecordsUSA, we’ve worked with a wide range of insurers and mortgage companies to provide digital scanning for insurance and mortgage documents. Digital records offer a broad range of benefits and advantages, and our cutting-edge technology ensures maximum advantages.

Protect Vital Data

Hardcopy insurance and mortgage documents are easily lost, damaged, or destroyed. Digital scanning for those documents ensures that they are uploaded to the cloud, where they are protected from all threats. This also ensures that you’re able to comply with all regulations that apply to document storage durations and retrieval requirements. 

Instantly Searchable

At eRecordsUSA, we use advanced technology that recognizes individual words and letters. When we digitize insurance and mortgage documents, this makes them instantly searchable online, saving companies an immense amount of time and hassle.

Reduced Storage Space

While insurance and mortgage documents scanning helps preserve and protect information, and make it immediately searchable, it also helps you make better use of the physical space in your office by eliminating the need to store hardcopy records.

We Protect Your Data

We understand the importance of confidentiality and all of our insurance and mortgage documents scanning involves HIPAA-trained professionals and ironclad confidentiality agreements.

Contact us today for more information about our ability to digitize your insurance and mortgage documents, our commitment to data security, and other capabilities.

Our mortgage documents scanning service is fast, accurate, secure, and cost-effective. Other services we offer include Mortgage Loan Scanning Services / Business Tax Records Scanning / AP AR Invoice Processing Services / Finance And Accounting Records Scanning / Proof Of Delivery Scanning Services.

For more information on mortgage documents scanning services, call us at 855-722-6669 or email us at info@eRecordsUsa.com.

eRecordsUSA offer Documents Scanning Services in following areas of Mountain View, Redwood City, California, San Francisco, Marin, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, East Bay: Fremont, Milpitas, Hayward, Oakland, Alameda, Concord, Contra Costa, Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, Napa Valley: Fairfield, Vallejo, Pittsburg, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Solano, Sonoma & Martinez.

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Document Scanning Services
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