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PDF Conversion Services


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PDF Conversion Services in San Francisco Bay Area
Conversion of large and complex images
Where do free pdf to word converters fail?
Understanding the Different PDF Conversion Services Available
Common Question Asked about conversion of PDF to Word

PDF Conversion Services in San Francisco, CA

Businesses commonly need to covert files to and from PDF documents in order to make them more compatible or usable in various situations. Instead of purchasing expensive software and spending hours trying to convert documents, our clients turn to eRecordsUSA for professional PDF Conversion Services.

Pdf Conversion Services

What is PDF to Word conversion service?

PDF (Portable Document Format) created by Adobe is the most popular digital file format for data storage. PDF files are preferred for secure business data storage as they are “Read Only” and “password-protected”. Moreover, encryption techniques like watermarking make it more secure. To edit these files, you need admin permission.
Today, all web browsers and platforms support this format. There is no need to install a PDF viewer separately.
PDF format is an inexpensive and largely accepted file format to store digital documents. However, to edit the documents, you need to convert them into WORD documents.

Conversion of large and complex images

Apart from normal office documents, large files such as maps, engineering drawings, legal or historical files are scanned and converted into PDF format. Special, high-quality scanners are used for this purpose. Data management tools are then used to refine the quality of these images. There are professional scanning and digitization companies to do this job efficiently.
PDF to Word conversion is a tedious task. To ensure your scanned PDF documents are transformed into editable text files, you need to look for pdf convertors that are already doing similar projects. The tables, columns, and graphics in the converted documents should appear exactly as in the source files.
When you Google – “Pdf to Word Conversion”,  search results have a list of free tools providing online conversion. Some of them are providing quality conversion to WORD format without any registration or account creation.
 So, the question that is likely to strike your mind is,” why to hire an agency for conversion?”. Let’s get to know the major limitations of free converters.

Where do free pdf to word converters fail?


The conversion tools are convenient to convert one or two doc files but they can’t be a reliable solution for the conversion of important business documents. Some of the limitations of free tools are:
The free tools don’t provide batch conversion. Moreover, each file has to be uploaded first and then downloaded once the docx file is ready. You need to have an internet connection for using online free tools.
If the file you want to convert is large and you don’t need the whole file, there is no option to select only certain parts of it.
Also, if the file has a complex layout containing images or tabular data, the resulting output might not provide a satisfactory conversion.
 Sometimes the converted WORD files have “asterisk marks” or “multiple text boxes” in place of special symbols or characters used in the data. This makes free conversion highly risky.
All free tools allow converting a limited number of files. After that, the websites ask you to take their costly premium plan. Hence online tools are nowhere a long-term solution.
Above all, maintaining the security of the documents during the conversion process using free online tools is difficult.
All in all, a free online PDF to Word converter can be used to convert native or scanned PDF files. It is convenient for individuals or small businesses. But if you need to convert more complex and bigger data, better contact professional pdf converter companies.
At eRecordsUSA, we deliver a high–quality, time-saving, simple, and easy PDF to Word conversion. We assure secure and accurate service.

Understanding the Different PDF Conversion Services Available

Image Only PDF Documents –

This is the most basic form of PDF. If you want image only PDFs with your document scanning services, the end result will be scanned images of your documents. You will not be able to use search functions to locate specific text on the pages.

Word Processor Document to PDF –

This type of conversion takes a text document, such as a Microsoft Word file, and converts it into a PDF document. This PDF conversion is often used by individuals who want to create searchable PDFs from existing text files.

Image Plus Hidden Text PDFs –

Most businesses choose this form of PDF conversion, as the reader of the PDF sees the scanned document in its original form, but the PDF is searchable. The searchable, converted text is hidden, but will allow users of the PDF to be guided to the information they need.

Contact eRecordsUSA for Your PDF Conversion Services
At eRecordsUSA, you can access document scanning and PDF conversion professionals who understand your challenges and have valuable and flexible solutions. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we can design a custom package that will meet your needs.

All of your electronic documents will be checked closely for accuracy. We understand that you need functional and correct files returned to you in a timely manner. At eRecordsUSA, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

To receive a free, no-obligation, quote for PDF Conversion Services, call 855.722.6669 now.

Common Question Asked about conversion of PDF to Word

Does PDF-to-Word require Adobe Acrobat?

No, an Acrobat reader is required to read the PDF files. During the conversion, you don’t need to open the PDF file. The software tool directly converts the file to WORD format.

Should you buy a PDF Converter for Your Business or hire an agency?

Investing in PDF to word conversion is smart for digital businesses because of the amount of time and money saved. Whether you need to submit a signed contract or make changes to long documents, a PDF converter can reduce the work required substantially.
However, hiring professional pdf converters is a better choice as they can do the job better maintaining the security and original settings of the documents.
You can look for an agency providing a 100% accurate conversion rate.

What are the other advanced alternatives to Pdf Reader?

The Digital Flipbook is emerging as one of the alternatives to the PDF format. The most common way to create a flipbook is by uploading a PDF file to a website. From there, the static PDF file gets converted into a real-page that is available online and easily editable.
The “online slider” is another alternative to the PDF reader. This kind of online document is more like a presentation, instead of a digital (double-page) publication. This “slider” option appeals to many as it allows for a more interactive, creative, and cool approach, in comparison to the PDF format.

Why Choose eRecordsUSA As Your Outsourcing Partner?

Save the cumbersome, laborious, and time-consuming process of PDF conversion of thousands of documents in-house. Hire an agency to handle this non-core activity of the business.
Moreover, conversion is a tedious task, and leaving it in the hands of experts is the right decision.
At eRecordsUSA, we'll do the conversion, maintaining the layout of the document without losing any information, fully secure with 100% accuracy. Here is a list of benefits that you can reap from PDF conversion outsourcing to us.

  • Fast conversion at affordable prices
  • Accurate conversions of large file types
  • Expertise in PDF to Word conversion services for documents containing complex design with images and tables.
  • Fast turnaround time in conversions while maintaining error-free, high-quality

Outsourcing PDF conversion tasks to us will result in a reliable, and secure conversion. We use a pool of PDF conversion software & tools. Take a free trial by contacting our team!


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