Steps to Scan & Digitize Old Photos – Photo Scanning & Digitizing

Steps to Scan & Digitize Old Photos – Photo Scanning & Digitizing

Scan and Digitize Old Photos

If you want to know, how to preserve old photos digitally? The options are scanning them with a smartphone, using a scanner, or sending them to a photo scanning service. Preserving old photographs is an important task to keep our memories and family history alive. With the advancement of technology, it’s now easier than ever to scan and digitize old photos


How to Digitize Your Negatives and Slides?

How to Digitize Your Negatives and Slides?

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You know that box of pictures on the top shelf in the back of the closet, that one that has the old prints on the top, and on the bottom are the sleeves of negatives? Or perhaps you have a tub in the attic with boxes of color slides from trips and reunions and events?

Today, of course, we are digital people, and, when we take photos, they often get uploaded immediately to cloud storage from which we then select the precious ones for social media.


Tips to Scan Your Family Photos & Albums

Do you have a few boxes of random family photos from decades past? Maybe you have some historical images that you acquired as you did a bit of genealogy? If you are like most, you have a larger assortment than you can manage and you probably want to begin preserving, organizing and even displaying or sharing them. The following tips to scan your family photos & albums can help you get off to a good start.

Scan Your Family Pictures

>> Think about professional support – If the idea of using a scanner intimidates or exhausts you, turn to providers like eRecordsUSA for help. They can do bulk jobs or jobs of small size, and yet you always get the very best results. In fact, they rate as one of the best tips to scan your family  photos & albums because they can handle slides, negatives, prints and even large documents and artwork. Since most families have such mixed collections of materials, this can be a great way to digitize everything for easier organization, printing and sharing.

>> And with mention of organization,printing and sharing…How do you intend to do those steps? Using online storage is a great approach, and one of the smartest tips to scan your family photos & albums is to have the firm doing the scanning also upload the files to a cloud server. This lets you organize everything with simple drop and drag maneuvers, and then you can share folders with family, friends or colleagues.

Whether it is a collection of family snapshots, slides from an archive or even framed artwork, there are many photo scanning solutions available through eRecordsUSA. If you need more tips for scanning family images, just get in touch to learn how you can enjoy pickup, scanning and return of your materials, leaving you with premium files and even cloud storage.

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Bulk Photo Scanning Service – The Right Solution

It is not unusual for people in the modern era to have stacks of processed photos and negatives laying around. Whether those images and negatives are in the archives of a periodical or newspaper or the hands of a private individual, they are often valued by many others. Though they can be sorted into albums and stored somewhere safe, this is not the optimal solution. Instead, the bulk photo scanning service options like those from eRecordsUSA are a far superior way to handle them.

Bulk Photos Scanning Services
Why? Let’s say that you are a private individual with around 100 envelopes of photographic prints dating to the 1980s. You might start to make your way through a few of those envelopes and then get tired of the time it is taking for you to go through them, match them to their negatives and decide which to keep or toss. You might make the mistake of throwing away the images or leaving them in a place where they can get damaged irretrievably.

The use of bulk photo scanning services can enable you to just send on those prints and negatives (or slides) and have them all rapidly digitized in high-resolution files. You can receive them on a CD or DVD and organize them or use them easily and quickly. The originals can be returned or destroyed, and save you the room in your home.

The same can be said of the professional organization, often with thousands rather than 100s of prints to sort. Rather than losing out on any historical records or valuable images, the use of premium bulk photo scanning service solutions ensures you have a way to access, organize and share or use the photos quickly. With cloud-based online storage

Photo Archiving Services

, sharing and using them – including printing them – is even easier. Get in touch to learn how photo scanning is right for you.

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