Large Format or Oversized Document Scanning – 2024 Guide

Large Format or Oversized Document Scanning – 2024 Guide

Having a digital copy of official oversized documents is paramount. Digitization will not only provide flexibility of use and long-time preservations but also help you automate your business processes.

 There are many other advantages that you can avail. One of the bigger ones is to help in saving the environment and making use of the virtual platforms that are providing cost-effective storage.


Blueprint Scanning Services for Engineers and Architects

Large format blueprints are a valuable solution for engineers and architects in their construction projects. However, with time, these prints can fade and can be hard to store and manage. Sharing this also becomes more difficult with the shift to digital and the use of mobile and tablets.

Professionals in the construction business look for blueprint scanning services to solve this problem. By scanning these blueprints, they can have high-quality images readily available anytime they need them. Blueprint scanning services help convert media to electronic images for digital retrieval.

Blueprint Scanning Services

Some of the documents that are normally scanned are maps, engineering drawings, CAD drawings, and facility drawings, to mention a few. When architects and engineers choose to convert their blueprints to digital format they save office space and are able to access the information easier and with more efficiency.

A reliable blueprint scanning services will be able to handle your documents with care, ensuring no damage happens to them, while digitizing them for easier access. The scanning service’s staff should be trained to handle blueprints of all sizes and turn them into very high resolution digital images that can be accessed from electronic devices such as tablets, laptop computers, etc.

Flat Bed Large Format Document Scanning, A2 Scanning, Scan size 18″ x 25”

eRecordsUSA now offering large format document scanning, Large Format Flat Bed, Glass Top Scanning, for demanding scanning applications in a wide range of markets, We can  scan just about anything: from business cards to diagrams in A2 format, books, newspapers, maps, bound documents and more

  1. Newspapers, Periodicals, Tabloids, Catalogs and magazines Scanning
  2. Large Format Books Scanning
  3. Bound and Stapled Documents Scanning
  4. Maps e.g. Road Maps and Street Maps Scanning
  5. Photographs, Canvas Scanning, upto size 17.7″ x 25”
  6. Paper board Scanning as e.g. graphical designs, advertisements on boards.
  7. School Notebooks, Year Books, Sketch Books, Color Painting Scanning
  8. School Art Work, large format Scanning

Large Format Flat Bed Scanning, Canvas Scanning

Flat Bed Scanning Capability, Large Format Document Scanning, Document Specifications

  • Maximum Document Size : 25 x 17.7 inches (635 x 420 mm)
  • Scan Width: Up to 25 inches (635 mm)
  • Scan Length: Up to 17.7 inches (450 mm)
  • Optical Resolution : 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Resolution : 150 – 1200 dpi, available in 1-dpi steps

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Large Format Scanning & Plan Scanning Services

Large Format Scanning and Plan Scanning Services

  • Construction projects generate a large quantity and diverse formats of plans requiring long and permanent retention.
  • Local governments and approving authorities have plans submitted to them of all sizes, types and quality creating problems of storage, indexing and access.

Scanning there large format drawing and plans can play an important part in ensuring plans and drawings are secure and available over the long term and accessible at the lowest possible cost.

Large Format Scanning

eRecordsUSA operate latest wide format scanning systems to produce high quality images of of plans and documents. Document can be scanned in Bi-tonal (B&W), Gray Scale, or Full Color and the output can be either in TIFF, JPEG or PDF, as requested.

Each plan or drawing is referenced with appropriate information such as drawing number and revision; project number and name; development application number.  For any organizations using Document Management Systems , the metadata can be provided in any format mapped to your input fields.  Images and metadata can be provide on a DVD, CD, Portable Hard Drive, or delivered via Secure FTP Connection.

eRecordsUSA provide plan scanning services for Local Governments, State Governments, PWD departments , County Departments, and private corporations, with typical application of Large Format Scanning including

  • Architectural Plans
  • Electrical, Plumbing and Service Plans
  • As Built Drawings
  • Surveys and Maps
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Development Applications
  • Newspaper Scanning
  • Blue Print Scanning

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